TikTok cleaning hacks have been flooding the video-sharing platform lately, providing tips and tricks to help homeowners maintain their homes free from dirt as if it was touched by a housekeeper or a professional.

Top 5 TikTok Cleaning Hacks: Bathroom Mirror Buffing, Ceiling Fan Dusting, and MORE!
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Top 5 TikTok Cleaning Hacks

As per Lifehacker, some professional cleaners are generous enough to share their knowledge on TikTok, which continues to grow in terms of downloads. As such, even homeowners with little to no knowledge about keeping their humble abodes sparkly clean learn from the clips.

It is worth noting that TikTok has previously shared countless life hacks that tons of users found useful. For instance, a user shared a way how to connect with athletes from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo via the popular dating app, Tinder.

However, given that the video platform is full of various videos spitting out info, some may be bad advice that users should avoid instead.

So, don't fret as we have compiled the top five best among the TikTok cleaning hacks.

Bathroom Mirror Buffing

A Tiktoker that goes by the name Sharonscleaningva shared a cleaning hack to keep the bathroom mirror look polished even after showering with steam.

  • Wipe bathroom mirror with warm water, soap, and microfiber cloth.
  • Then after cleaning it, dry the mirror.
  • Spray some shaving gel on a cleaning cloth.
  • Evenly coat the mirror.
  • Lastly, buff it via a microfiber cloth until clear.

With that, next time that you hit the shower, your mirror will remain clear from moisture.

Bringing Back Towel Absorbency

If your bath towel is no longer as plush as it was when it was new, it is not yet time to change it. Alternatively, you may still reincarnate it by following the steps that another TikToker, Renee Alyse Bell, shared.

  • Add a few more towels to the washer.
  • Sprinkle baking soda.
  • Pour in vinegar.
  • Then, repeat the three steps by adding towels, baking soda, and vinegar again.
  • Turn on the rinse and spin cycle with hot water.
  • Stop washing before the water drains.
  • After four hours, was it normally.

Note: Do not use detergent or even a fabric softener.

Vacuum Brush Cleaning

Meanwhile, a professional housekeeper on TikTok, Vanessa Amaro, showed us how to clean the vacuum spinning brush when it becomes tangled with lint, dirt, and hair.

  • Remove the brush from the vacuum.
  • Use scissors to cut off the hair, lint, and other dirt.

For your safety, wear protective gloves while doing it.

Ceiling Fans Dusting

Elsewhere, a TikTok page known as Clean That Up racked up views after sharing a unique way to dust ceiling fans.

  • Cover the blades of the fan with a pillowcase
  • Then, pull it off.

Just make sure that it fits to grab all of the dust sitting off the fan.

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Removing Pet Hair and Dust

Lastly, TikToker that goes by the username miaslaterxo found a way to get rid of the pet hair and dust at home that the vacuum leaves behind.

  • Run a squeegee over the carpet or bedsheet.
  • Brush it in one direction.
  • Use some force to get the pet hair and other dirt.

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