Razer wants to do way more for the world than make a cool mask to protect people from COVID-19

In a report by GameRant, the gaming industry giant announced that they plan to build a Razer-themed, ocean-cleaning robot. They're partnering with Clearbot to produce the robots, which will be designed with typical Razer flare: black with green accents, and perhaps even its own Chroma RGB lighting.

The robot was first outlined in a video on the official Razer YouTube channel during the company's celebration of World Oceans Day. In the video, Razer's collaboration with Clearbot is a part of their newfound environmental effort called #GoGreenWithRazer.

Clearbot is a sustainability startup whose focus is helping clean the world's oceans by using AI-powered, autonomous drones. According to company co-founder Sidhant Gupta, their goal is to help implement a faster, more affordable way to clean up ocean trash.

As part of the new Razer initiative, this partnership aims to help the company do more than just make high-end gaming peripherals. It's worth noting that earlier this year, Razer announced their intention to go carbon-neutral by 2030, and the Clearbot partnership seems to be part of their widespread efforts.

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Razer Clearbot: How Does The Cleaning Bot Work?

As previously mentioned, the ocean-cleaning robot that Razer and Clearbot want to produce is designed to be autonomous using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To do its job, the bot uses AI and its onboard camera to detect trash from as far as two meters away. It will then approach the trash and pick it up using a conveyor belt, which then drops the debris into a collection basket at the robot's back. It's also solar-powered, meaning it can totally work on its own with minimal human contact besides bringing the trash back.

But that's not all that it does. With machine learning, the Razer Clearbot is programmed to improve itself over time. So basically, what the world will get is an almost fully autonomous ocean-cleaning machine that doesn't only collect trash but will also "learn" from its experience and be a more efficient performer over time.

The Answer to The Global Ocean Trash Problem?

When an army of Razer Clearbots deploys, it may prove to be the long-elusive answer to the problem of global ocean pollution. Perhaps they might even be able to deal with the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

For the uninitiated, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a literal island of trash with a size that will boggle your mind. According to PlasticCollectors, the Patch is an insane 1.6 million sq km in diameter. The area it covers is twice the size of Texas and even three times the area of the entire country of France. And the worst part of it is that 99% of all the trash in there is plastic.

With the AI and machine learning-powered Razer Clearbot, perhaps there is a brighter-than-expected future ahead for the oceans after all.

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