Pokemon Presents has brought three titles for the popular Japanese franchise with two of them being remakes, and one being the awaited revamp of a famous game. "Pokemon Cafe ReMix," "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," and "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" are coming soon, and it is something for the deeply rooted fans. 

Nintendo is amping up its releases for 2021, and it has showcased the latest games for one of its most popular franchises, with the recently concluded "Pokemon Presents" event. 

This follows the recent controversies with "Pokemon GO" and Niantic Game, where people are crying out for a boycott of the app

'Pokemon Cafe ReMix'

Pokemon Cafe ReMix
(Photo : Nintendo of America via Twitter)

One of the features of the showcase is the remake of last year's "Pokemon Cafe Mix," which would now have a revamp to explore more of what the game has to offer. 

The new game would be called "Pokemon Cafe ReMix," and according to Nintendo, the old cafe would have renovations, to debut the better version this year. The game is set for a Fall release, where it would be in the coming month of September. It may extend to October or November, but the sure thing is, it would be released this 2021. 

The same game would be launched, but it would have new content, more dress-up options, puzzles, and challenges to complete.

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'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl'

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
(Photo : Nintendo of America via Twitter)

This is not a drill: the remake of Nintendo DS' "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" in 2006 is finally having a modern take for the Nintendo Switch with "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl." 

Lucas and Dawn are back, together with their best friend-slash-rival Barry, which meets up with Professor Rowan to have their first Pokemon take on an adventure. Sinnoh region is back to offer its beloved creatures, which would be special for the Nintendo Switch's platform. 

Team Galactic and their sinister schemes are also making a comeback, as well as Dialga and Palkia, the legendaries in the game. Of course, the remake would feature new things to come for the game, primarily its integration within the Switch and its online features. 

'Pokemon Legends: Arceus'

Pokemon Legends: Arceus
(Photo : Nintendo of America via Twitter)

The only new game in the release of Nintendo is the "Pokemon Legends: Arceus" and it is intended for Q1 of 2022, bringing a new role-playing game for the franchise. The game is co-developed with Game Freak, the studio in which Nintendo has worked with, for past "Pokemon" games.

Arceus would go back to the past and explore the early settings of a civilization that coincides with Pokemon, providing a back story to the early days of the Sinnoh region. 

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