Digital fashion NFTs or non-fungible tokens are coming our way as a start-up, DressX, inked a partnership with one of the leading marketplaces,

Digital Fashion NFTs are Coming as Start-Up, Dress X, Partners with
(Photo : from Dress X website)
Digital fashion NFTs are coming as start-up, Dress X, inks partnership with crypto marketplace,

As per Forbes, the collaboration of the crypto platform and the digital fashion startup gives birth to the DRESSX NFT store, which sits on the NFT section of

Not to mention that it will be housing tons of limited editions fashion collection drops in the marketplace.

In hindsight, NFTs have been the latest craze online, with games, art, and Marvel collectibles releasing left and right. The hype has even allowed NFT play-to-earn games, such as "Axie Infinity," to emerge.

This time around, even the digital fashion world, through a start-up, Dress X, is getting their share of NFTs.

Digital Fashion NFTs

All of the items are available to be worn virtually via augmented reality or AR in the app of DressX. Meanwhile, it could be copped exclusively at the NFT section of

The Co-Founder of DressX, Natalia Modenova, said that the fashion NFTs opens a new option to distribute AR fashion beyond Snapchat's glasses.

The DressX boss further said that: "Now with this partnership, we're introducing a model where the content is valuable, and secured only for NFT owners, that drives up the value of the digital asset itself."

DressX NFT First Drop: SpaceX-Themed Outfit

According to WWD, the first-ever DressX drop will be releasing at least three virtual clothing based from Elon Musk's space innovation firm, SpaceX.

It is to note that the SpaceX collection will only be available for a limited time, and will be released on Aug. 29. Also, the price of the digital fashion pieces based on Musk's company starts from one Ethereum.

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DressX and Farfetch

On top of that, Farfetch is also launching a new pre-order platform. As such, DressX went on to digitize a total of 40 items--half of them are menswear, whereas the other half are womenswear.

The digitization included multiple brands available in Farfetch, namely Dolce & Gabbana, Off-White, Balenciaga, Palm Angels, Nanushka, and Khaite.

What's more, Modenova noted that they even went the extra mile by producing an editorial photoshoot that flaunted the digital fashion pieces. As such, the pre-order shoot did not involve any unnecessary shipments, as well as the physical copy of the outfit.

To be clear, Farfetch is meant to be the digital wholesale partner of DressX. On the other hand, is focused on the NFT shop of the digital fashion startup.'s NFT marketplace feature has already traded tons of digital collections from high-profile clients, like the Aston Martine Formula One and Snoop Dogg--to name a few.

The NFT marketplace that partnered with DressX debuted the new digital trend was emerging last March.

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