GTA San Andreas 3D Printed Super Detailed Map Done in 400 Hours | Check It Out
(Photo : Image from Dom Riccobene Website) GTA San Andreas 3D Printed Super Detailed Map Done in 400 Hours | Check It Out

Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" is oftentimes referred to as one of the best modern RPG games in the industry. An artist recently brought "GTA San Andreas" to life in 400 hours with a 3D printing machine.

Rockstar Games' 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'

Rockstar Games has always been known as one to break the rules with their unorthodox way of modern story-telling through a game. RPG games or role-playing games used to follow a more fantasy-like story outline, but with Rockstar Games breaking from the norm, more and more games are starting to follow. Aside from "Grand Theft Auto," "Red Dead Redemption" remaster is another game that fans of Rockstar have wanted to happen.

With the massive effect that the "Grand Theft Auto" series has brought to the gaming world, it's no wonder that the series would have a huge effect on not just gamers but also other individuals as well. It just so happens that one of the individuals that the game influenced was Don Riccobene.

Dom Riccobene Artist

According to the story by Mashable, Dom Riccobene blew up the whole internet with his very accurate map of the "Grand Theft Auto's" infamous state known as San Andreas. The map was reportedly 3D printed to the last detail, and it took 400 hours to complete.

While this might not seem quite puzzling, it took 400 hours to complete because the detailed map of San Andreas didn't just include a certain part of the map. It included the whole thing! For those who have played San Andreas and have roamed the map, it's obvious that making a detailed map replication is no easy task.

Dom Riccobene 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Art

Dom Riccobene reportedly used cartography and mapping software in addition to a certain custom script that collected certain in-game ground elevations to create a perfectly scaled map of the whole game world. On Don Riccobene's website, there are other 3D printed projects, including "GTA V" and other Rockstar Games' projects.

According to the story by Kotaku, after months of speculation, sources have told them that Rockstar Games could be remastering three different classic "Grand Theft Auto" games. As of the moment, it looks like these games will be released later this fall 2021 on a multitude of platforms. This includes the portable Nintendo Switch.

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'GTA' Classics

For the previous year, rumors have been spreading on Twitter, Reddit, and also a number of message boards that Rockstar is reportedly working on remakes and remasters of classic, PS2-era "GTA" titles. "GTA Vice City" also has its UNOFFICIAL port for the Nintendo Switch for those wanting to revisit the classics.

These particular rumors started to spread even more as Rockstar's parent company Take-Two Interactive used certain DMCA takedowns to remove classic GTA mods coming from the internet while announcing that the publisher had three remastered games that were in development.

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