The new Apple iPad Air gets a whopping 40% performance boost as the device gets a new A14 bionic chip. This is a chip that would likely preview what is to come with Apple's expected upcoming Macs.

Apple iPad Air Models

According to the story by CNet, compared with 2020's midrange iPad Air models, the brand new tablets are reportedly 40% faster at ordinary processing tasks as well as 30% faster when it comes to graphics, according to Apple's online launch event. Apple reportedly designs its very own chips but had previously stuck to its A-series models only when it comes to iPhones and iPads.

Just this 2021, it will start to use Apple's brand new A-series chips in its Macs. The new six-core A14 bionic processor is expected to be the first to be built with Apple's new 5-nanometer manufacturing process, a particular miniaturization development that allows Apple to cram even more circuitry than to the previous 7nm process.

Apple A14 Bionic Chips

Additional circuitry would mean even more computing capabilities. This includes doubled performance when it comes to artificial intelligence work in the new chip, according to ZDnet. The new circuitry in the A14 Bionic would consist of a massive 11.8 billion transistors.

Tim Millet, Apple's very own vice president of platform architecture, gave a statement. According to Millet, the company will be the first in the industry to use the new breakthrough 5nm process technology. The Apple A14 bionic chip has also been compared to the Samsung Exynos 2200 SoC, and the results are quite intriguing. 

TSMC Processor Manufacturing

Apple has previously relied heavily on TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. to build its very own processors. TSMC has reportedly moved to 5nm manufacturing. During the event, however, Apple did not credit TSMC for building the company's brand new chip.

Real World Technology analyst David Kanter gave a statement noting that this is the very first opportunity that they have to look at the impact of TSMC's very own 5nm process. He is reportedly keen to see just how much of the performance improvements come from TSMC's very own newer technology as well as how much comes directly from Apple's very own chip architecture.

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Apple iPad Pro

iPad sales have reportedly slowed down. The tablet still remains quite a significant part of Apple's very own product line, particularly as schools look for new kid-friendly computing hardware during the whole home-schooling period forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The new Apple iPad Air is reportedly a significant update. There are leaks already talking about the Apple A16 chips.

In addition to the higher speed, the brand new models get the Apple iPad Pro's very own USB-C port, a faster and more versatile option compared to the earlier Lightning ports that are also used on the earlier Apple iPhones and iPads. USB-C charging allows users to use the exact same cable, power adapters, and of course, the portable batteries to be able to charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, along with some other devices just like the Nintendo Switch game console.

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