Landsat-9 is launching on September 23, and it would bring the satellite to greater heights than would purposively help in detecting Earth's natural resources better, for actions to be determined. This is something which governments would use to detect any problems or cases of the environment which have suffered from pollution or other causes. 

The Landsat has been around for quite some time, and it has discovered a lot that cannot be seen from studies made by humans, having a more immersive look on the surface. 

Landsat-9 Launch September 23

(Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech)
Landsat-9 is a global satellite which would help in determining the problems of the Earth, providing data and information that is needed to have an immersive look in the environment, and its problems. The 9th satellite would launch by September 23, joining its sister satellite, Landsat-8.

NASA will launch the Landsat-9 on September 23, and it would add to the 50 years that it has been in service to provide free and public data to all, regarding the Earth's ecosystem. The satellite helps in bringing what researchers need, which would provide information with regards to those that watch the environment and nature. 

The satellite would bring a massive influence on the next generation of studies and monitoring made for the Earth, something which the world would surely need. The United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The Earth is known to having more to discover, and despite more than 2,000 years on the planet, mysteries remain to all. 

The Landsat launch would replace the current Landsat-7, originally launched in 1999, serving already a massive 22 years for the Earth's needs. 

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NASA: Landsat-9 Media Briefing

NASA will launch a Landsat-9 Media Briefing which would discuss everything with regards to the satellite, especially as it leads up to its launch. The launch by September would be available for everyone to witness, as it is an important venture by NASA and the USGS, as it aims to provide information for all needs. 

Landsat-9 would join Landsat-8 when it goes up in September, where the latter has already operated for eight years since its launch in 2013. The Landsat group of satellites would be a network where it could bring knowledge and information for all, without the massive costs needed. 

Why is Landsat Important?

Landsat is extremely important then, and more now. Primarily because it is a venture where it focuses on the needs of humans with regards to studying the planet. Not all Earth-based resources can ensure a study with regards to the Earth, and having the Landsat would help in reaching more areas, without the expense or dangers of venturing into. 

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