Tesla Applies to the Public Utility Commission of Texas to Sell Electricity on the Retail Market
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Tesla Applies to the Public Utility Commission of Texas to Sell Electricity on the Retail Market

Tesla's very own Elon Musk has just made an application to the official Public Utility Commission of Texas with the company's intent to sell electricity on the retail market. Tesla might start powering homes in Texas if ever the state approves the EV manufacturer's application to do so.

Tesla 100-Megawatt Energy Storage Project

According to ScreenRant, this application was foreshadowed when the company started construction on a new secretive 100-megawatt energy storage project located in Angleton, Texas. This is located 40 miles south of Houston, which is the Lone Star State's largest city.

Other electricity storage facilities that are owned by Tesla exist in South Australia as well as California, but as of the moment, no words have been given on if or when those particular facilities will be used in order to power the neighboring areas. Other foreshadowing also includes the previous February's deep freeze that actually left millions of Texans even without power for days at a time. Solar and Wind technology is now revolutionizing renewable energy compared to conventional environmentally harmful coal.

Elon Musk Texas Energy Application

During this period, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has just recently moved Tesla operations coming from California over to Texas, took to Twitter in order to insult the particular Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT. Musk's comment points regarding his ongoing interest in the state's power, and also now it seems that he has decided to do something about it.

Texas Monthly reports that Elon Musk recently made an application in mid-August 2021 with the new Public Utility Commission of Texas in order to sell electricity on the whole retail market through Tesla's energy subsidiary which is called Tesla Energy Ventures. The earliest the filing would be approved is estimated to be in November 2021.

Texas Company Constellation

People that are close to the deal have stated that the company could stand out in an oversaturated, deregulated market that is filled with over a hundred companies all vying for Texan power needs. The company is now also hoping to craft two different utility-scale batteries for wholesale power companies located in Texas.

As of the moment, there is currently no report regarding how much Tesla Power would reportedly cost nor how it would actually generate its electricity. As of the moment, the highest-rated energy provider in Texas is Constellation which currently stands at a new 4.5-star rating on electricityrates.com. Tesla has sent powerpacks to Haiti hospitals to help provide more solar-powered energy.

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Tesla and Constellation

Constellation already provides entirely renewable packages, natural gas, as well as standard electricity alongside a number of business plans. It is also quite evident that Tesla, should it still wish to make its presence known, would actually have to provide better offers for Texans compared to the company.

Ways in which the company could stand out from the competition would include a partnership along with a broadband company in order to provide two-in-one packages for consumers. If the energy would be completely eco friendly, which when considering Elon Musk is very likely, this could also help the company make waves as a really good clean energy source.

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