Tesla has a mobile service that can go to users for specific electric vehicle repairs, and this would help regular, in-shop service center's long line of pending jobs. CEO Elon Musk said that the company is working on expediting the long wait time for EV repairs, as a surge of users asking for fixing are growing by the day.

The clean energy company is aiming to bring a lot of service for its users this year, particularly as it became a massive name in two industries: the electric vehicle and clean energy providing company.

Musk has always talked about the upcoming Beta 10 for the FSD, and the public is well aware of their venture to become electricity providers in Texas.

Tesla Mobile Service

Tesla Mobile Repair and Service Centers
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The Tesla Mobile Service can be scheduled in a user's registered Tesla app, which would then secure a team to take a look at one's car and perform specific repairs on the vehicle. Currently, it is also the best option during this pandemic, where people are forced to stay at home and away from other people.

The Tesla CEO has recommended this service to a Twitter user, which asked about openings in the regular service center. Here, he said that the company is also having a lot on its plate with regards to EV repairs on regular service centers as a lot of people are trying to have their cars fixed.

Furthermore, being a mobile service, its repairs and what it can do for one's electric vehicles are limited, as only what it brings on the van or its capabilities are what it can only service. This means that its mobile repairs are not as adept as bringing it to the shop, and can only accommodate a shortlist.

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Tesla Service Centers are Booked to the Roof

The Twitter user has revealed that Tesla's electric vehicle service centers are booked to the roof, with as much as three or more weeks of wait time. This is before their schedule comes up and asks the users to bring the EV to the shop and have it diagnosed for its problem.

The reason for this may be because of Tesla's massive popularity among users and its growth in the country which have been apparent in recent years. A lot of people have already transitioned to electric vehicles, and the change has been a big move for America as well.

Different states have already set a deadline for registering cars, and it would only be a few years before ICEs would be limited already.

Tesla to Expedite Car Repair for All Needs

The solution here is to either open up more service centers for Tesla to expedite its car repairs for all needs or expand the accommodation of its mobile service centers.

Tesla has become a massive brand and company, and service centers should be available for everyone at any time, as the EV is used for different reasons of transportation.

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