Instagram has announced that it would now require users to enter their birthdays or actual date of birth to their platform, something which happened in the past years with other social media. Instagram and Facebook are said to be doing this for a safer environment for all, wanting all of their users to be of the right age per what they have set. 

The venture of Instagram to restrict underaged accounts has been around since July, and it made its plans to focus on having a more secure platform known. This also follows the cancellation of Instagram for Kids.  

Instagram: Birthday Required Now

Instagram Birthday, Age Verification
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Instagram has revealed on their blog post that they would be "asking for birthdays" from people, particularly from those who have not yet revealed this detail when setting up their accounts via the app. This effort is focused on safety and having only eligibly aged people stay on the platform, thus removing minors under 16. 

Instagram and Facebook's age of minority is at 16, and it is higher than those who use Twitter, which requires at least 13 years of age. 

The birthday verification would be part of Facebook and Instagram's pledge to internet safety, and in this way, they could select the right content for specific accounts considered to be "underaged."

Instagram has not revealed any information about having an underage register their birthday and either banning or suspending them from the platform, until such a time they turn 18. This is the age of eligibility for users to unlock the "full access" of Instagram, which has tailored content that is right for users' age. 

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Instagram Age Verification

Instagram's Age Verification is a move by its parent company, Facebook, which have been intent on making their platforms appropriate for the age group of a certain user. Facebook and Instagram's popularity even has parents making accounts made for their children, showcasing their offspring online. 

The focus of this restriction is to avoid any issues or threats against those who use the platform directly. It is known that there was a massive attempt at predatory schemes made by anonymous adults, as advancements to young ones on the platform. 

Safety or a Way to Ban Underaged People?

Instagram Birthday, Age Verification
(Photo : Instagram Blog)

Instagram and Facebook talk about the safety and security of underaged people on their platforms. This is to avoid any unwanted run-ins with dangerous people who lurk online and pretends to be friends or trustworthy persons. 

However, the social media app did not clarify what they would do once they find out that they are harboring underaged minors, even those below 12 years old. The possibility of a ban is not removed from the picture but was not mentioned by the company. 

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