Google's Pixel 6 will have 23W of Wireless Charging, and it is something new for the Internet company's smartphone devices which had slower wireless charging features before. This would be significantly faster compared to Apple's MagSafe wireless charging for the iPhone 12, guaranteeing a faster charging time. 

However, it does not compare to that of Xiaomi's 120W wireless charging, which can fully replenish the battery of a smartphone in under 15 minutes, something that has never been achieved before. 

Nevertheless, the Pixel 6 with the Tensor chip would have an adequate wireless charging time, enough for its energy to top up whenever it runs out.

Google Pixel 6 23W Wireless Charging

Google Pixel 6
(Photo : Google Store)

Google's Pixel 6 would have 23 watts of wireless charging, and according to the Android Police, this was initially revealed by a retailer that has leaked the specs of the Google device. The information about its wireless charging system was not revealed by Google, especially when the first information about the latest Pixel was released. 

The Mountain View company has revealed that there would be an integrated wireless charging stand for the Pixel 6, and it would be an accessory that would not come with the box. Nevertheless, the leak also showed that Pixel 6's maximum charging power would be at around 23W which is a reasonable wattage for the feature. 

Pixel 6 would be the top-of-the-line smartphone device for Google, and the flagship would debut the latest specs and features which the Internet company aims to bring. Wireless charging has been a staple among Android smartphones, and it is something that people already have the luxury of enjoying and using. 

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Google Pixel 6 vs. Apple MagSafe

Apple's MagSafe charger for the iPhone 12 which was popularized by the latest smartphone, only has 15W of power for its wireless charging feature. Comparing it to Google's Pixel 6, it is significantly lower and the Mountain View giant would have an edge in terms of charging speeds and battery. 

While it does not directly rival the iPhone, the Pixel 6 only shows that it would soon be a massive competitor to the Cupertino giant's smartphone releases. The speculated Fall releases of both smartphones would have a clash between what to choose: the Android Pixel 6, or the iOS iPhone 13.

Pixel 6 Release Date

Google said that the Pixel 6's release date will be in Fall 2021, and it only shows that it would rival the Apple iPhone 13, which was speculated for a September fall release. However, nothing is confirmed for Apple yet, and Google's Pixel 6 has an indefinite release date for Fall, which could be any of the three months in the season. 

Nevertheless, it would be near and among the public, as September is here, and it would bring a lot of showcases from Big Tech companies to bring their innovations. Google's first outing of its Tensor chip would prove once and for all, how it would rank up against the likes of Apple's A-chips, and Qualcomm's ARM-based components. 

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