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The new Apple Watch Series 7 could hit a delay due to claims that the company's manufacturing partners have hit a production snag. Despite the excitement for the Apple Watch Series 7, it seems like it could take a while before it officially releases.

Apple Watch Series 7 Design Changes

According to SlashGear, the upcoming Apple Watch is reportedly shaping up quite nicely, at least as far as the leaks and rumors are stating. Despite the recorded absence of completely new health sensors, the popular Apple Watch Series 7 will reportedly be sporting some of the largest design changes that the company has ever made regarding its smartwatch line.

Unfortunately, those particular changes could also be the cause for the delay as numerous sources are now claiming that Apple along with its manufacturing partners have suddenly hit a snag when it comes to production. This could force the company to push back the upcoming Apple Watch 7 launch by a significant amount of time.

New Apple Watch Series 7 Design

The new changes that were made to the Apple Watch Series 7 design will make the device more than just aesthetic. Aside from the addition to the flat edges, the new smartwatch's screen will also be much flatter than it usually is. This will also use a different type of lamination technology which will bring the display much closer to the cover glass.

There are reportedly new, larger sizes that the new Apple Watch could be releasing with including a 41mm and a 45mm to be exact. All in all, these particular new factors have all apparently increased the complexity of the new Apple Watch to the point that it is actually more or less new territory, even for the other long-time manufacturers.

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Assemblers Need More Time for the Apple Watch Series 7

An article by Nikkei reports that after a small-scale production run, assemblers have now realized that they won't actually get the satisfactory output wanted. This then pushed Apple to pause the company's planned production and work along with its suppliers in order to sort out problems as well as clarify designs.

Due to the now ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, however, it also isn't easy for the people that are involved to easily fly back and forth in order to work on those particular designs. Such snags would only appear after the test production officially starts which could also cause further delays. The new design was leaked in the past with the Apple Watch Series 7 expected to carry some solid new features.

Bloomberg reportedly notes that this would not actually be the first time that Apple has experienced production setbacks, and it also still has some options available for it to adjust. The new Apple Watch Series 7 is also expected to be announced in the upcoming weeks, but its main availability could only be pushed to much later date. Aside from the design improvements, performance improvements for the Apple Watch Series 7 are also to be expected.

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