McDonald's McFlurry Machine Issues Finally Being Pressed by the FTC | Why are the Machines Always Broken?
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) McDonald's McFlurry Machine Issues Finally Being Pressed by the FTC | Why are the Machines Always Broken?

McDonald's McFlurry machines not working again? This is a common experience amongst a number of individuals that go to McDonalds. Here's what the FTC has to say regarding this issue.

McDonald's McFlurry Machines

According to the story by Engadget, the popular McDonald's McFlurry machine as well as its tendency to break down has actually been the inspiration for numerous jokes and Twitter feuds. It seems like now, however, it could actually be the subject of an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

An article by The Wall Street Journal notes that the agency has just recently reached out to McDonald's restaurant owners in order to collect even more information regarding their experience with the famed McDonald's machines. There is actually an answer as to why the FTC is directly looking into McFlurry machines.

Why is the McFlurry Machines Being Pre-Investigated?

The article could actually have something to do with the right to repair movement. Starting July, 2021, the government ordered the agency to draft some new rules in order to empower consumers as well as businesses to repair their devices on their own. A lawsuit was previously launched against McDonald's alleging that the McDonald's AI drive through bot actually breaks official biometric privacy law. 

Later during the same month, the FTC reportedly made good on that particular order, voting unanimously in order to tackle unlawful repair restrictions. By all particular accounts, McFlurry machines are quite a nightmare to repair, according to an article by Vice.

Why are the McFlurry Machines Always Broken?

Moreover, Taylor, the particular firm that makes them, is currently at the center of a legal battle over measures that the company uses in order to prevent restaurants from being able to repair the machines on their own. Whenever a McDonald's McFlurry machine is broken, only an officially certified technician from Taylor is allowed to fix them and this usually leads to long wait times.

Those long wait times have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. A certain federal judge recently sided with a company that actually produces a diagnostic tool that now threatens Taylor's solid monopoly on repairs. McDonalds reportedly suffered data breaches in both Taiwan and South Korea which is not the first time that McDonald's was under fire.

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FTC Preliminary Investigation Regarding McDonald's McFlurry Machines

As of the moment, however, the FTC has not yet opened a formal probe into the McDonald's McFlurry machines. The agency reportedly gave a statement in the letter that was sent out in summer of 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The statement noted that the existence of a preliminary investigation reportedly does not indicate that the FTC or even its staff have already found any wrongdoing. However, it still reportedly wants to know exactly how often restaurant owners are allowed to work on the McDonald's McFlurry machines that they already own.

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