Google Assistant's "Hey Google" feature might be getting ditched for what is known as Quick Phrase, which likely coming to the AI virtual assistant of the search giant.

Google Assistant to Allows Users to Ditch “Hey Google” Hotword with Quick Phrases Feature
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Google Assistant Quick Phrases

The new Google Assistant feature was first spotted on Apr. 23 by 9to5Google. Back then, Quick Phrases was called as project "Guacamole."

During its early testing stage, it was known that the Google Assistant Quick Phrases feature works as an option to replace the "Hey Google" keyword when commanding the Assistant with tasks like snoozing an alarm or answering a phone call.

The Quick Phrases feature was seen again last June 7 in a Google Assistant APK teardown by XDA Developers.

And now, more specific details about how the new Assistant feature works have been unveiled.

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How to Ditch "Hey Google" on Google Assistant

As per Android Central, the feature allowing users to remove the need to say "Hey Google" works on "specific tasks" via the Voice Match function.

The AI will only need to recognize your voice to work on things like setting an alarm or creating a reminder--among others.

To enable the Quick Phrases feature, users will have to choose a specific task to add to the "Your salsas" section.

The tasks that could ditch the hotword are organized in multiple categories, such as To-Dos, Timers, Controls, Media, Lights, General Info, Connect, Alarms, and Recommended.

Squeezed in along these categories are the numerous "specific tasks" that a user could choose from.

To be precise, users may select setting, showing, or even canceling an alarm along the Alarm section.

Meanwhile, the Connect part includes sending broadcasts, responding to calls, whereas the General info category covers asking about the time or weather.

On the other hand, the Lights and Controls section contains the option to turn the light on and off, as well as up and down.

There is also a control volume, pause, resume, and skip options.

What's more, the Timers category is home to options like pausing and resuming, canceling, resetting, and setting timers.

And lastly, the To-Dos section allows users to create reminders and jot down family notes.

Quick Phrases on Smartphones?

Google has yet to announce the Quick Phrases feature officially. As of now, the "Hey Google" ditching function remains hidden inside the AI assistant of the tech giant.

However, 9to5Google suggested in the same report that the upcoming Assistant feature is likely to come first on the smart speakers and displays of Google. And sooner, the flagship Android phones are possibly getting it as well.

Nevertheless, it is still unclear if Google Assistant Quick Phrases is launching soon on smartphones.

Elsewhere, Google reportedly admitted that Assistant records audio even while users are not using it or saying the hotword.

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