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Tertill weeding robot is the ultimate weeding tool that can help you with cleaning your yard or garden. It is a highly recommended gardening tool on Amazon with a 4.8-star rating.

If you wish to get one, you are in luck because it will be on sale this Labor Day.

Tertill Weeding Robot Specifications

According to the BGR, the tool is a perfect weed killer in flower beds, gardens, yards, and other areas that need trimming. The robot is built by the same manufacturer that created the Roomba robot vacuum.

The Tertill robot is a little green Roomba that works outside in your garden, yard, or flower bed instead of working inside your house. It needs to have physical borders to keep it confined in the space you are working in. It roams around the area, and it constantly chops down any weeds in its path.

The robot does not require any programming, and it is easy to operate because it only has one button. It is weatherproof and solar-powered, so you don't need to recharge it or protect it from the rain.

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You don't have to worry about it chopping off your plants because it only detects weeds. It can run for an hour a day, and it starts and stops as the sun recharges it.

The robot can cover beds and gardens up to 200 square feet, and it needs at least 12 inches of space between plant rows to work. The boundary needs to be 4 inches tall, and it must be made out of either stone, metal, or wood.

So how does Tertill differentiate a weed and a plant? Basically, it cuts any growth that it sees that is less than 1 inch tall. It does not pull up the roots. Instead, it keeps cutting weeds as they regrow until the weed dies off as it loses energy to grow again.

If you have plants that you want to protect, you can block them from going near the plant by creating a barrier.

Unlike the Roomba that needs to be emptied out once it is done cleaning your floor, the Tertill Weeding robot does not need regular maintenance.

Since it is solar-powered, it constantly recharges, and you don't need electricity. It also roams around your garden every day, chopping down weeds. It then camps out to recharge itself thanks to its solar panel. Once you turn the robot on, you can leave it outside and let it do its work.

Tertill Weeding Robot is On Sale

If you have a garden, yard, or flower bed that needs cleaning, then the Tertill weeding robot is the must-have tool for you. You will not have to do hand weeding again.

The robot cost $349 on Amazon, which is a very reasonable price. However, it got a price cut for Labor Day this year. Instead of the retail price of $349, you can get it for only $299 until Sept. 6.

Labor Day 2021 sale will also happen at other major retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and more.

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