"League of Legends" Vex could arrive sooner than fans expected. Riot Games already leaked the actual skills and other major details of the upcoming hero in the Summoner's Rift.

"Growing up in Bandle City, Vex never felt she belonged. The whimsy and color of the yordle realm were cloying to her," said the giant game publisher via its official League of Legends Universe blog post.

This midget is expected to arrive this coming "League of Legends" Patch 11.19, which would be released this coming Sept. 22 or Sept. 23.

On the other hand, once Vex arrives in the Summoner's Rift, she would be the latest additional character of Riot Games in "League of Legends" Yordle family, which consists of Amumu, Annie, Teemo, and other small heroes.

Unlike Akshan and Gwen, this new hero would make the battlefield gloomier since her design is a little goth. Although this is the case, many fans are already loving her dark look.

'League of Legends' Vex Details

According to ComicBook's latest report, she is a mid-lane hero based on her leaked abilities. On the other hand, Riot Games also confirmed that Vex would rely on her skills to deal damage, making her a mage hero. If you have no idea what she is capable of, here are her actual skills:

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Doom 'n Gloom (Passive)

  • Vex's passive skill or "Doom n' Gloom" has two parts. The first one, Doom, allows her to prevent enemy heroes from dashing. On the other hand, her Gloom passive skill would mark the enemy hero that used dash skill near Vex. Once she attacks them, the mark would detonate and deal additional magic damage. 

Mistral Bolt (Q)

  • Mistral Bolt allows Vex to move forward and deal magic damage. This skill could also detonate Gloom mark upon hit.  

Personal Space (W)

  • Personal Space or W provides shield and emits shockwave that deals magic damage against enemies surrounding the hero. Just like Mistral Bolt, it could also detonate Gloom mark.  

Looming Darkness (E)

  • Looming Darkness increases the size that Vex travels. It would allow her to fly a certain distance to deal additional magic damage, slow, and marking enemies with Gloom. 

Shadow Surge (R)

  • Shadow Surge or Vex's last skill would also allow the new Yordle hero to fly at her enemies, dealing magic damage on the first enemy champ. She can also recast this ability to Shadow pull her marked target, which would deal additional magic damage. 
  • If she successfully kills her first victim, the cooldown of her Shadow Surge would be reset, so on and so forth.  

In other news, the "League of Legends" eSport World Championship would take place in Europe. On the other hand, Riot Games already released Gangplank rework.

How To Use Vex Before Launch Date

HITC reported that players can already use the new "League of Legends" Yordle hero even before her actual arrival date. 

If you want to see her actual gameplay, you can use her via PBE in the "League of Legends" Patch 11.18, which is set to arrive by Sept. 8 or Sept. 9. 

For more news updates about "League of Legends" Vex and other upcoming heroes of Riot Games, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.  

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