The Biden administration confirmed that it is now going to focus on managing the AI-related issues of the United States. As of the moment, artificial intelligence plays a big role in enhancing the health systems and other industry sectors in the U.S. and other countries. 

Biden Administration To Focus on AI-Related Issues | New NAIAC To Address Competitiveness, Progress, and More!
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A woman views historical documents and photographs displayed in a high tech art installation at Salt Galata on May 6, 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The "Archive Dreaming" installation by artist Refik Anadol uses artificial intelligence to visualize nearly 2 million historical Ottoman documents and photographs from the SALT Research Archive.

AIs are now being used to detect various diseases, created robots to lighten labor works, and other similar enhancements. Now, the National AI Initiative Office, the Commerce Department, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, confirmed that they are forming a new department called NAIAC (National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee). 

They explained that NAIAC would be responsible for providing advice to U.S. President Joe Biden and other federal government officials when it comes to the artificial intelligence sector. 

Biden Administration's NAIAC Department

According to Engadget's latest report, the new U.S. NAIAC would be responsible for providing guidance on several AI concerns. These include employment, scientific progress, competitiveness, as well as the viability of future initiative revisions and national strategy. 

Biden Administration To Focus on AI-Related Issues | New NAIAC To Address Competitiveness, Progress, and More!
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An AI robot with a humanistic face, entitled Alter 3: Offloaded Agency, is pictured during a photocall to promote the forthcoming exhibition entitled "AI: More than Human", at the Barbican Centre in London on May 15, 2019. - Managing the health of the planet, fighting against discrimination, innovating in the arts: the fields in which artificial intelligence (AI).

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Aside from these, the new committee would also solve ethical issues, which are surrounding work equity, as well as algorithm bias and accountability. 

On the other hand, the committee members would also come from interdisciplinary and broad groups, such as non-profits, federal labs, companies, and academic agencies. Once NAIAC is complete, members would be accepted on a regular basis, depending on the eventual vacancies that are needed to be filled up. 

In other news, a new AI-based neural network could create photorealistic edits of Elon Musk and other tech CEOs. On the other hand, ESO presented a new stroke predicting artificial intelligence.  

China as a Better AI Developer?

Nikkei Asia recently reported that China was able to overtake the United States when it comes to artificial intelligence development. 

This is a major achievement since the Asian country has always been falling behind when it comes to technology qualities. However, they have the advantage when it comes to production numbers. 

Right now, the top-performing countries in AI research include China, U.S., India, U.K., Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. 

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