Blue Origin memes have spurred up on Twitter, and Elon Musk agrees with the entries that throw shade against Jeff Bezos' space company. It was known that Blue has sued NASA and SpaceX for its recent contract of the moon lander for not choosing their entry to the project. The lawsuit has led to a massive protest by Blue against the agency.

It was known that NASA awarded SpaceX with the Lunar Lander contract, where Bezos' Blue Origin has submitted its entry and made renders, designs, and other studies about it.

Ultimately, it was given to SpaceX and led to a massive protest led by Bezos and his company, along with a lawsuit.

Blue Origin Meme: Elon Musk Agrees

Twitter has a way of showing how statements meet or reach people and letting them in on an issue where they can discuss it and give their two cents. Here, a popular SpaceX and Tesla fan has said something against Bezos' Blue Origin and discussed the capabilities of Musk's space company that reached the CEO.

Pathole said that what Blue Origin made was a twice expensive lander that can only carry 5 tons, and it has no other purposes aside from the said mission. He compared it to what SpaceX did, a lander that can carry 20 times more than Blue's, at half the price.

 The user has talked about the lunar lander contract for NASA, and the entries which SpaceX and Blue Origin have submitted during the initial bidding. Musk agrees that this was what was submitted and what both companies have set forth for their bid with NASA.

Also, it summed up the main purpose of the spacecraft to be built by either company, where NASA ultimately chose what the latter has given, a multi-functional lunar lander.

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Blue Origin Meme: Suing Earth's Orbit

On the other hand, known space content influencer, Whole Mars Catalog has said that Blue Origin has "sued the Earth's atmosphere for making it difficult to reach orbit." The statement was noticed by the SpaceX CEO and laughed about it, without saying anything else.

Last August, Musk also noticed another meme about Blue Origin's Project Jarvis, which was said to have copied the Starship project. Both spacecraft are known to be Stainless Steel in make and aims to land by themselves after launching.

Memes have a way of making real-life situations or happenings funny and sometimes talk about the irony of things when showcasing an issue.

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin

'SpaceX vs. Blue Origin' has been up quite some time, as the two Big Tech companies were compared on their performance, image, and releases for the past years. Both are focused on space and have CEOs that are known to be the richest in the world.

However, where they differentiate is the number of missions done and their reliability as a space company. In terms of career, SpaceX has done more missions than Blue, and it is an evident one amongst the public.

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