"Chibi Apes" NFTs are set to go on sale on September 9, and those who can get their hands on these ape NFTs can enjoy some pretty cool perks. 

One of which is that eventual owners of "Chibi Apes" NFTs will get the commercial rights of their purchased NFTs. 

'Chibi Apes' NFTs to go on Sale on September 9

Chibi Apes NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Chibi Labs' Twitter account)

"Chibi Apes," a collection of 3,000 3D ape NFTs, is scheduled to go on sale on September 9. The collection is set to drop at 10 p.m. UTC and each "Chibi Apes" NFT costs 0.025 ETH (Ethereum).

According to the "Chibi Apes" website, these animal digital art NFTs are randomly generated and can be found on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. 

As with any NFT collection, some "Chibi Apes" are rarer than others, but each NFT is guaranteed to be unique from the rest. 

Here are the traits that the "Chibi Apes" NFTs will have, along with the number of options per each:

  • Backgrounds - 8

  • Furs - 12

  • Outfits - 20

  • Head accessories - 20

  • Face accessories - 14

  • Back accessories - 10

  • Ear accessories - 5

  • Hand accessories - 9

  • Shoes - 19

Perks of Owning 'Chibi Apes' NFTs'

Chibi Labs, the developer of the "Chibi Apes" NFTs, is adding a couple of cool perks to these ape NFTs. One of which is that these NFTs will serve as your Mint Pass for future collections that Chibi Labs will release. That means you get access to future NFT collections pre-mint. 

You can also get the GLB or OJB files of your "Chibi Apes" so that you can use it in metaverses. You can likewise download the avatar of your "Chibi Apes" to use a profile picture or for whatever other purposes. 

Probably the most exciting perk to owning these NFTs is the commercial rights you get after buying. According to the official website, those who buy the NFTs will also own the intellectual property and commercial rights of their purchased NFTs. 

"You can build derivatives from your Apes and own any potential monetization," the website reads. 

Animal Digital Art NFTs

Like you have seen here on Tech Times and any other website that talks about NFTs, a lot of the digital art NFTs in the market today have been inspired by animals. 

A popular animal that has inspired different NFT collections is man's best friend, the dog. An example of such NFTs is the Shiba Inu NFTs of "SIPHER." Another example of dog-themed NFTs is the Cyber Shibas, which went on sale on September 7. 

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If dogs are not your thing, maybe cats are. Arguably the most popular example of cat NFTs is "CryptoKitties."

Looking for NFTs inspired by marine animals? There's the "Weird Whales" NFT collection of 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed. Yes, you read that right. This 12-year-old boy created his NFT collection using an 8-bit stock photo of a blue whale. 

He has also made $160,000 from his collection. Pretty cool, huh?

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