Robot Unicorn Being Developed by Chinese EV Company | Speak, Play, and 'Build Emotional Connections'
(Photo : Image from XPeng Motors official Facebook Page) Robot Unicorn Being Developed by Chinese EV Company | Speak, Play, and 'Build Emotional Connections'

The EV company known as XPeng has just unveiled a particular rideable robot unicorn that is designed for children. The robot can reportedly speak, play, and even build emotional connections.

XPeng Robotics

As of the moment, however, it seems like XPeng Robotics looks to be building a robot unicorn in the future. XPeng is known as one of the leading EV companies in China and even a rival to Tesla with its own EVs sharing some similar similarities to those that are made by Elon Musk's company.

According to the story by ScreenRant, China's developments when it comes to robotics have lately been quite interesting. Just recently, even Xiaomi announced its own CyberDog, a particular robotic companion that shares a lot of similarities to Boston Dynamics' own Spot.

Robot Unicorn Unveiled by XPeng

It is reportedly designed with construction sites as well as other high-risk areas in mind. Spot is reportedly able to carry excessively high loads easily. The CyberDog, on the other hand, is able to follow its owner and can even do tricks that are actually more akin to a high-tech toy instead of a construction site tool.

The Robot Unicorn reportedly follows this trend. XPeng's YouTube channel shows that the Robot Unicorn appears to be built for children. Within the mostly CGI video, the unicorn will reportedly have a decent ability to be able to maneuver environments, object recognition, follow owners, and avoid obstacles.

CyberDog Comparison

A speaker is also reportedly visible located beneath the chin, which would provide clues as to where the audio will be produced. The Robot Unicorn's own design is considerably a little more animated compared to the CyberDog.

An example of this is that it has an animated as well as expressive face, its own small horn to keep its namesake, and even a horse-shaped design. The center of the machine also has a saddle-shaped notch in order for children to sit on.

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Main Takeaways from Robot Unicorn

One of the main takeaways seen in the video unveil is that the robot unicorn can actually build an emotional connection and even respond to its owner's emotional needs. This is done through body language, voice, and even facial expression. Although the robot is reportedly designed to be a toy, it could still potentially become a child's genuine friend.

Of course, the actual robot prototype still does not have a release date or a price just yet. However, it can be expected that the upcoming robot unicorn would most likely be fairly expensive. For example, the CyberDog by Xiaomi actually ended up being priced at $1,540.

Although the CyberDog by Xiaomi is not yet near Boston Dynamics' Spot costing $74,500, it is still quite significantly priced. There is also no mention of speed, battery power, weight, and other crucial details.


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