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American Airlines Passengers Who Fell Sick During Flight Taken to Hospital After Landing In Boston

More than a dozen passengers from an American Airlines flight were hospitalized after falling ill of stomach virus symptoms on the plane. The patients were all part of a student group who visited Galapagos Island in Ecuador.

Public Health April 21, 2019

Boston Officials Warn Of Possible Measles Exposure In Restaurant And Airport

People who passed Logan Airport and went to a restaurant in Boston in mid-July may have been exposed to the measles virus. The United States technically eradicated measles in 2000, but the virus still gets into the country.

Public Health July 29, 2018

These Microbes Are Your Companions On The Boston Subway: Study

Every time you ride the T, you are accompanied by thousands of microbes and germs. New research suggests that these tiny microorganisms are not as dangerous as you think.

Public Health June 28, 2016

Giant Shark Carcass Found Floating In Boston Harbor: What Happened?

A giant shark carcass found in Boston harbor was identified as that of a basking shark. The shark could have been dead before it was struck by a container ship, according to an expert.

Animals June 1, 2016

European Tourist May Be Responsible For Measles Outbreak In Eastern Massachusetts

A European tourist may have exposed residents in Eastern Massachusetts to measles. Officials warned that the foreign tourist, who traveled from May 1 to 8 in the Greater Boston area, was contagious.

Public Health May 13, 2016

Archaeologists In Boston Dig At Former Home Of Human Rights Activist Malcolm X

Boston archaeologists are hoping to dig important historic artifacts in Malcolm X's boyhood home. The 'community dig' would last for two weeks.

Society March 29, 2016

Ammonia Leak At Boston Seafood Warehouse Leaves One Worker Dead

A worker at a Stavis Seafoods warehouse in Boston died Wednesday night during an ammonia leak incident. Authorities are still investigating the matter and any previous safety issues at the facility.

Life March 24, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas 2016 Hits East Coast: How To Stay Safe In NYC, Boston, Washington DC

Almost a quarter of the population of the United States were covered by winter weather warnings, watches and advisories for the incoming Winter Storm Jonas. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe in the blizzard that could dump over 30 inches of snow over the weekend.

Society January 22, 2016

Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday With This Creepy 'Fallout 4' Easter Egg

The author's work has left a lasting impression on popular culture, even making its way into 'Fallout 4'.

Movies/TV Shows January 19, 2016

GE Relocating To Boston, Expects Technology-Fluent Workforce And Generous Incentive Package

General Electric has chosen Boston as the next location of its corporate headquarters. The company is moving away from Connecticut due to tax hikes amid a hostile business climate.

Business January 14, 2016

Health Inspector Eats Lunch At Boston Chipotle Linked To Norovirus Outbreak To Prove Mexican Restaurant Is Clean

Boston health inspector William Christopher had lunch at Chipotle's Cleveland Circle restaurant after it reopened this week. The restaurant was linked to a norovirus outbreak that primarily affected Boston College students earlier this month.

Life December 30, 2015

Chipotle Boston Restaurant Linked To Norovirus Outbreak Cleared To Reopen

Health officials cleared Chipotle branch near Boston College for operations once again after being involved in a norovirus outbreak. The inspectors assured that the restaurant is now safe, with their chief saying he is going to have lunch there soon.

Life December 28, 2015

Chipotle Closes Boston Restaurant After E.Coli Sickens Eight Basketball Players

Several Boston College students reported gastrointestinal symptoms, with all of them dining at Chipotle over the weekend. The students being investigated as potential E.coli contamination victims included eight BC basketball players.

Life December 9, 2015

How Does 'Fallout 4' Boston Compare With The Real Boston?

A former Boston, Mass., resident playing 'Fallout 4' compares the video game's version of the city and its surrounding region to the real Boston and Salem areas of New England.

Movies/TV Shows December 4, 2015

Massachusetts Lawmakers Mull Raising Legal Age For Buying Tobacco Products To 21: What About Other States?

As Boston officials continue to push for a change in the buying age of tobacco from 18 to 21, state officials are considering the same for the entire state of Massachusetts. Some representatives have already signed a bill detailing the legal age for buying tobacco products.

Life November 29, 2015

Boston, Salt Lake City Most Likely To Survive Zombie Apocalypse: Survey

A zombie apocalypse may one day become a reality, and people may need to flock to Boston or Salt Lake City when that happens. In a recent survey, researchers determined which among the major U.S. cities are likely to survive the invasion.

Society October 31, 2015

Charity Or Just PR Stunt: Something Strange When All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Visit Sick Children?

'Ghostbusters' stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon took time off their filming schedule to visit young patients at Boston's Tufts Medical Center. People on social media, however, criticized the act and accused the four of taking advantage of the children for a PR stunt.

Internet Culture August 3, 2015

Comcast Tries To Stay Relevant With New Streaming TV Service At $15 A Month

Comcast launches Stream, a streaming TV service for Xfinity customers at $15 per month. The service will initially be available in Boston by the end of summer.

Internet July 13, 2015

The First 'Ghostbusters' Reboot Set Pics Are Here (With A Surprise Guest)

Kristen Wiig and director Paul Feig are already on the Boston set of the 'Ghostbusters' reboot, as you can see in these pictures. But they might soon be joined by a surprise guest.

Movies/TV Shows June 18, 2015

'Fallout 4' Gamers Figure Out Location Of Vault 111 [Video And Images]

Keen on exploring 'Fallout 4?' You won’t have to wait until the game comes out to see which locations are retained in post-apocalyptic Boston as fans analyze and identify real-world counterparts for key in-game locations, including Vault 111.

Geek June 9, 2015

'Fallout 4': Every Location We Want To See In Bethesda's Rendition Of Boston

With Bethesda's announcement of 'Fallout 4,' fans finally know that Boston is the series' next stop. We've made a list of every landmark the studio should include in the final game.

Geek June 3, 2015

Boston Records Snowiest Season With 108.6 Inches Total

Boston now has the snowiest season since record keeping started in 1872. The 108.6 inches of snow surpassed the 1996-1997 record of 107.9 inches.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2015

Boston Resident Gets Revenge On New Yorker Who Stole His Post-Snow Parking Space

One angry Boston resident took matters into his own hands when he came home to find a car with New York plates had stolen his parking spot after he shoveled it.

Internet Culture February 18, 2015

Unbelievable Images From New England's Record Snowfall

New England received another two feet of snow on Monday, adding to record-breaking snowfall for the month. Here are some unbelievable images from New England's storm.

Feature February 10, 2015

Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Take Responsibility For #Deflategate on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Over half a dozen Bostonian celebrities took responsibility for #deflategate in a funny spoof on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Massachusetts-raised actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are taking full responsibility. The two, in their best Boston accents, revealed their stories behind what really happened to those deflated footballs that could have helped the Patriots get the AFC championship game win

Internet Culture January 30, 2015

Mystery Man Heroically Shovels Snow Off The Boston Marathon Finish Line

A man staying at the Charlesmark Hotel captured a now viral photo of a man shoveling snow off the Boston Marathon finish line. After tweeting the photo, users began to use the hashtag #whoshoveledthefinishline to find the mystery man and celebrate his heroic deed.

Internet Culture January 28, 2015

Uber Will Offer Trip Data to Boston, Other Cities: Here's Why

Uber opens up its massive trove of data with Boston for city planning purposes, but what could such a deal do for the privacy of Uber’s drivers and riders?

Business January 14, 2015

MFA Opens Boston 1795 Time Capsule. What's Inside?

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has opened a 220-year-old brass box that houses artifacts, coins and documents from the past. The time capsule was buried by U.S. founding fathers Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in 1795.

Society January 7, 2015

1795 Paul Revere Time Capsule from Massachusetts State House Contains Precious Artifacts

More than two centuries after it was originally buried, a cigar box-sized container was unearthed from a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House. Officials already have some idea what the time capsule contains.

Society December 14, 2014

Oldest Unopened Time Capsule in U.S. Unearthed at Massachusetts Statehouse. What Does it Contain?

The time capsule was believed to have been placed there by Governor Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and William Scollay.

Animals December 12, 2014

Massachusetts approves medical marijuana dispensaries in Boston, three other towns

Massachusetts approves four more medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Boston gets its first dispensary, which will be operated by Patriot Care Corp.

Life November 8, 2014

IBM remains staunch cloud advocate, vows to accelerate transformation

With lagging hardware sales hurting IBM, the company continues trying to establish airspace in the cloud. Chief Virginia Rometty calls performance in third quarter disappointing.

Money October 22, 2014

Ebola scare hits Boston. Here are some Ebola precautions for health care workers, ordinary citizens

Two separate cases of Ebola scare hits Boston. The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) confirms that the cases in Boston did not meet the criteria for Ebola infection of public concern.

Life October 15, 2014

Google expands delivery service into more cities. Will Amazon now run scared?

Google expands its Express delivery service across more major cities and deeper into Amazon territory. Express' prices are better, but Prime's selection is wider.

Business October 14, 2014

Boston taps InMotion for speedy commuter rail Wi-Fi

Commuting to work is about to get better in Boston. A new deal by the MBTA and InMotion will deliver fast and reliable Internet by 2016.

Internet July 25, 2014

Four cases of chikungunya in Boston area, confrim health officials

Four individuals in the Boston area who recently traveled to Caribbean islands were diagnosed with the mosquito-borne chikungunya. Health officials said there are no public threats because the disease does not spread between humans.

Life July 7, 2014

Boston celebrates July 4th a day earlier. Outdoor concert, fireworks before Hurricane Arthur

Fourth of July revelers got soaked in the rain at Boston’s one-day early Fourth of July celebrations but say they will come back over and over again for the city’s one-of-a-kind festivities.

Society July 4, 2014

Park benches aren't just for sitting, they're now solar-powered charging stations

Female-led startup develops smart benches for Boston. The Soofas use solar power to charge mobile devices and record environmental elements.

FUTURE TECH July 2, 2014

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