\SpaceX's Inspiration4 will bring tons of unique items, such as NFTs, a Ukulele, and the latest Time Magazine to space. These will be auctioned once it flies back to Earth for the benefit of the St. Jude Childen's Hospital.

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 to Fly NFTs, Ukulele, Time Magazine to Space and Auction it on Earth
(Photo : from Inspiration4 Twitter Account )
SpaceX’s Inspiration4 will be flying NFTs, Ukulele, and a Time Magazine to space. These unique items will be auctioned on Earth.

SpaceX Inspiration4

The Inspiration4 will be the first all-civilian crew of SpaceX, composed of four private individuals that will be launching on Sept. 15 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The three-day mission into orbit is funded by billionaire and the founder of Shift4 Payments, Jared Issacman, via the space exploration firm of Elon Musk, SpaceX.

The Inspiration4 mission will not only be making a milestone by flying its all civilian crew. It will also be raising funds for the cure of cancer in children and the funding of the St. Jude Children's Hospital.

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SpaceX's Inspiration4 to Fly NFTs, Ukulele, Time Magazine

The donation that the Inspiration4 mission will be giving will mainly come from the proceeds of the auction from the unique items that the civilian crew will be bringing along with them.

As per the website of Inspiration4, the space flight will include an NFT, the latest issue of Time Magazine with the four civilian crew as the cover, and a Ukulele from Martin Guitar--to name a few.

Although the auction will include a total of 50 NFTs, one of those will be brought to space by one of the crew members, Dr. Sian Proctor.

The digital art collectibles will be sold at the NFT platform of Origin Protocol.

Meanwhile, according to MusicRadar, Martin Guitar custom-made a ukulele for the Inspiration4 space mission. Astronaut Chris Sembroksi will be bringing the unique stringed instrument by Martin's master craftsman, Brent Williams, to space.

What's more, the all-civilian space crew will also be bringing a copy of the recent Time Magazine showcasing the four members of the Inspiration4.

The issue will be autographed by the crew once the capsule comes back to Earth.

Also, the space flight will include 66 pounds of hops that will be brewed into beer by Samuel Adams' brewery once it returns from orbit.

Adams further vowed to make a direct donation to the children's hospital to the tune of $100,000.

The bidding of these items will start on Sept. 9, Thursday, and will end in November. All of the proceeds will be given to the benefit of the young folks from the St. Jude Children Hospital.

The Inspiration4 mission is expected to earn as much as $128 million from the auction of these items.

It is worth noting that the targeted value of donations is $200 million, and the proceeds from the auction will be a huge bulk of it.

Meanwhile, the Inspiration4 will also be conducting health studies during its space flight using Apple products.

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