Following Doja Cat's successful launch of her non-fungible token under the OneOf platform, Tezos token's price grew bullish by over 24% in the past 24 hours.

At that time, XTZ hit $5.87 before exceeding $6.

Doja Cat Unveils Her Own NFT With Different Tiers

Doja Cat Launches NFT Collection As Tezos' Price Skyrockets in 24 Hours--Greener Alternative to Ethereum?
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/VOGUE Taiwan)
Doja Cat

NFTs are shaping the blockchain market with the continuous surge of tokens' value. In the famous NFT marketplace, OpenSea, the volume for the tokens has reached $3 billion in August.

For buyers who want to own a unique digital item with exclusive ownership, they can purchase from digital artists, auctions, and the marketplace.

Like any other artists who joined the NFT craze, Doja Cat is not only focused on singing and stage-performance. This time, the American rapper unveiled her own NFT with several tiers.

The singer's NFT collection consists of 26,000 collections that will be available for a limited time. The cheapest NFT that you can buy out of it will cost $5.

Doja Cat released her "Planet Doja" NFTs on the OneOf platform, including the gold and platinum tier non-fungible tokens on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

For those who want to buy the gold tier NFTs, the "golden ticket" is waiting for you so you have the chance to go to Doja Cat's concert for free.

Meanwhile, the Platinum tier NFTs will grant the buyers a chance to get a "VIP golden tix" that will cover VIP passes for concerts, according to Crypto Briefing.

Why Doja Cat Chose Tezos For Her NFT?

Doja Cat Launches NFT Collection As Tezos' Price Skyrockets in 24 Hours--Greener Alternative to Ethereum?
(Photo : OneOf)
Doja Cat's NFT is composed of different tiers

According to a report by Decrypt on Friday, Sept.10, Doja Cat said that she chose to select Tezos for her NFT platform for a reason: to be environment-friendly.

"I don't know that much about NFTs. But what I do know is that they can be bad for the environment and cost a fortune. Mine won't," the 25-year-old singer said.

Doja Cat prefers the Tezos platform because it is focused on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm compared to the usual proof-of-work algorithm.

As an alternative to Ethereum, the first algorithm is focused on lessening carbon footprints, while the other one uses powerful machines to carry out cryptocurrency activities.

For those who completed their purchase of Doja Cat's NFTs, you can head next to the Planet Doja Discord channel on Sept.20.

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Music NFTs and NFT Wallets

Of course, Doja Cat is only one of many artists who have jumped to the NFT bandwagon that is currently trending.

In July, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra released its classical music NFts on the Rarible marketplace.

The NFT bid for the whole video of the May concert started at $50,000. The performance of Mahler's First Symphony was included in the NFT.

The reason why the Dallas Symphony Orchestra decided to launch its classical music NFTs is that the musicians need some assistance amid the COVID scare.

If you are curious about starting investing in NFTs, here are the best blockchain wallets that you can use.

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