It's no wonder that NFTs or non-fungible tokens have completely taken over the blockchain space. From games to digital items such as artworks, these virtual assets are quickly reaching more people.

Before entering the market, the user should have an assigned NFT wallet to keep their collectibles. They could also use it to transfer NFTs for trading, selling, and buying tokens.

To know the best NFT wallets to help you start with your NFT journey, here are the five best options that you should consider.

Best NFT Wallets 2021

According to NFT Calendar, here are the top-notch NFT wallets that you should download at this period.


At the moment, Metamask is considered the most popular among all NFT wallets out there. Currently, it has a mobile version that ConsenSys launched last year.

Since NFTs are ballooning in numbers, it's better to have a reliable wallet for your tokens in Ethereum-based platforms.


  • Setting up of Metamask is easy for every user
  • Web and mobile extension sync-in for transactions
  • Offers built-in browser for mobile version for those who are using NFT and Defi apps
  • Can easily switch ETH address
  • Support for direct transfer of ERC-721 tokens in mobile app
  • Native support for token swapping among ETH tokens Great customization


  • High risk of being hacked since fake metamask apps are everywhere
  • Slow loading sometimes


NFT gamers should check this another blockchain wallet, Enjin, perfect for storing your cryptos and other virtual tokens. Aside from being an NFT wallet, it also has its own token, $ENJ.

Like the above-mentioned Metamask, it also supports apps from Defi and Ethereum. Soon, it will be integrated with Samsung S10 smartphones as an official NFT wallet app.


  • A good user interface for NFT users
  • One of the best NFT apps for trading and collecting tokens
  • Built-in exchange feature for easy crypto conversion
  • Reliable customer service support
  • Advanced features such as auto-lock and biometrics


  • Only serves mobile users
  • Only supports NFTs and other related assets in Ethereum

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Math Wallet

If you do not want Metamask, you might switch to Math Wallet, the closest alternative to it. Somehow, this NFT wallet poses an impressive range of support for 65 public blockchains.

Either on the web or mobile, you can use this web wallet for your blockchain transactions.


  • Native support for many blockchains
  • Easy sync-in and cross-compatibility with other devices
  • One-click dApp store for easy access to Defi and NFT applications
  • Convenient cryptocurrency swapping
  • Guaranteed security through Math Wallet integration with hardware devices


  • dApp staking problems in iOS
  • Unstable at the moment

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet has got you covered if you are looking for a good NFT wallet. Now with over 5 million users, the app supports many NFT games such as "Axie Infinity'' and "MyCrypto Heroes."

The users can store their tokens to the platform despite Trust Wallet not having support for NFT transfer.

Moreover, Binance Smart Chain, TomoChain, ThunderToken, Calisto, GoChain, and Ethereum Classic are integrated into Trust Wallet.


  • Smooth UIOne-click access for NFT apps
  • Supports many blockchains
  • Crypto exchange feature
  • Can work as Defi and crypto wallet


  • Has only mobile version support
  • More Binance-related promotion

Alpha Wallet

Ethereum blockchain users should download this immediately after knowing more about Alpha Wallet. This NFT wallet also supports many blockchain games such as "CryptoKitties," "Chainz Arena," and more.

Currently, it only supports mobile, but on the other side, the website still features more open-source tools for other people.


  • $ETH-based native support for NFT
  • Built-in browser for Defi and dApps services
  • User-friendly UI
  • Still in development


  • Limited support. (only for Ethereum-based apps)
  • Only available in iOs and Android

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