The new TikTok Devious Lick meme is becoming more popular than ever. This new content was first posted on Sept. 5. On the other hand, the one who started the new trending meme is the TikTok user dtx.2cent, which currently has more than 31,000 followers and 3.3 million likes.

[ViralMeme] TikTok Devious Lick: Origin, Explanation, and More! Why is This Meme Trending?
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Indian mobile users browses through the Chinese owned video-sharing 'Tik Tok' app on a smartphones in Amritsar on June 30, 2020. - TikTok on June 30 denied sharing information on Indian users with the Chinese government, after New Delhi banned the wildly popular app citing national security and privacy concerns. "TikTok continues to comply with all data privacy.

Almost all of his videos are about his journey on finding devious lick things in schools. This just shows that the TikTok user is still a student. Despite his young age, his creativity already allowed him to attract many viewers across the globe.

The complete name for his original meme is "Got This Devious Lick From School," which is about stealing or acquiring things that are quite unusual to bring home. However, his videos actually don't promote stealing essential objects from your school or university.

TikTok Devious Lick Meme's Origin and Other Details

According to HITC's latest report, devious lick means stealing random, important objects. However, the viral TikTok users actually refer to things that are quite inessential to many individuals.

[ViralMeme] TikTok Devious Lick: Origin, Explanation, and More! Why is This Meme Trending?
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His most viewed video is his Devious Lick TikTok content about taking home a wall hand sanitizer from his school, which already garnered more than 11 million views, 2 million likes, and 31,000 comments.

Because many TikTok users find it fun and entertaining, many claim that they already did the challenge.

"I took 3,225 scantrons out of my teacher's room in 2015 so we wouldn't have a test," said one of the commentators.

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On the other hand, other fans share their plans, such as stealing a hard drive from their own computers. Others added that they would take graphic cards from PCs.

If you look at the pattern, the Devious Lick activity seems to be quite pointless since they are only getting parts of objects or things that have no value. Even Twitter users are now joining the new viral meme.

This just shows that TikTok can definitely bring out your creative side. Because it allows viewers and influencers to share their works, TikTok already surpassed YouTube as the most-watched video platform.

However, you still need to remember that some of the rising challenges are still unsafe to do, such as the Milk Crate trend.

Other New Popular Memes

The new Devious Lick meme is not the only one receiving the spotlight. Yahoo News reported that the new meme, which asks users to choose between dinner with Jay-Z or $500,000, is also going viral. 

And now, the Twitter user "Side Hustle King" explained why it is better to choose a dinner with Jay-Z. He explained that if you decided to have dinner with the rapper, he would provide the secrets to his success, more than $500,000. 

His tweet now has more than 2,000 comments, 3,400 likes, and 14,400 retweets. 

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