YouTube's Online Exercise has helped people get through the pandemic and be physically fit, even in the comforts of their home. Now, a study has shown that regular exercise cuts back on anxiety by 60 percent, along with other mental health problems, which people experience as they stay cooped up at home for a long time now.

Most people are reluctant or clueless to exercise, particularly because they have no workout regimen or routine available, as not all are fitness experts or have a trainer to pay. Luckily, this pandemic has the internet by its side, and people are not left clueless, as one search on YouTube would bring them to numerous influencers.

Exercise Can Help Fight Against Anxiety by 60 Percent

Daily Mail UK has reported on the researchers who have spent a massive part of their life studying mental health and its association with exercise or physical activity. For 21 years, researchers Lund University's Martina Svensson and Tomas Deierborg from the Department of Experimental Medical Science have studied anxiety disorder.

Here, the researchers have studied those who went skiing as their physical activity and those who were rarely physically active. The study, which was from the year 2000 has concluded, and wrapped up, with Svensson and Deierborg concluding that physical activity can help reduce anxiety or developing it by 60 percent.

That is a massive difference, particularly for those who do not engage in said physical activities, as it shows that it is important for people to have regular exercise mixed in their daily habits.

The study may be focused on skiing, but it can be applied to the present times, especially as the pandemic has taken a toll on mental health.

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YouTube's Online Exercises: Who to Follow

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a duo consisting of exercise gurus Daniel and Kelli Segars, which also happens to be husband and wife. Their channel has 6.61 million subscribers, and they offer numerous at-home workout routines, focusing on different targets or purposes for the needs of the viewer.

What makes the channel worth viewing is that the workout videos which they have are intended for different regimens and are not limited to a certain theme. Moreover, the duo provides different perspectives.

Chloe Ting

One of the most popular workout partners of 2020 and 2021 is none other than Chloe Ting, an influencer that has gained popularity and stardom via her YouTube channel. Ting is an Asian-Australian influencer who has gained international status for her workouts, amassing 21.9 million subscribers.

She challenges her subs to amp up their workout and offers her work for free, bringing at-home workouts without the hassle of getting a trainer or paying for online subscriptions. Also, her channel offers several HIIT, cardio, abs, glutes, and other focuses.


Chris Heria's channel that is run by his team of fitness gurus, has come together to form THENX, and it focuses on hardcore and intense workout. The channel's focus is several at-home and gym-based routines for all fitness needs.

What is unique about the channel is that it focuses on a perspective that offers high intensity, perfect for those who have been accustomed to the gym but had to stay at home due to restrictions.

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