Apple said iPhone cameras could face some degradation if exposed to vibrations that could be the result of high-powered motorcycle engines.

Apple: iPhone Cameras Could Degrade Due to Vibrations from Motorcycle Engines
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As per MacRumors, Apple published a new support message, noting the impact of vibration frequencies on iPhone cameras.

Apple said that there is a certain frequency range and amplitude that iPhone users should avoid. One of which involves those generated big motorcycle engines.

Apple iPhone Cameras

iPhone cameras provide its users the ability to take pictures instantly via their handheld devices--whether they are capturing spontaneous moments or documenting a precious milestone in their lives.

To produce accurately focused and sharp images, the shooter lenses of the iPhones include closed-loop autofocus (AF) and optical image stabilization (OIS).

To be precise, the OIS helps iPhone camera users to avoid taking blurry photos even when they accidentally shake their smartphone.

Due to a gyroscope of the stabilization system, it could sense if the device moved, and will follow its movement to take a clear image.

On the other hand, the AF provides any photos or videos a sharp focus via its magnetic sensors.

Apple noted that both the AF and OIS systems of the iPhone cameras are made to be durable, but they still have their weaknesses, such as vibrations.

The Cupertino giant further claimed that devices with optical image stabilization are also affected by high-frequency vibration.

So, the issue does not only apply to Apple smartphones.

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Apple iPhone Cameras and Vibration

According to Engadget, the iPhone maker warned that vibrations usually produced by high-powered engines of motorcycles could degrade the performance of the cameras of the smartphones.

The vibrations could end up damaging both the OIS and AF, which could result in blurry images.

That said, Apple told its users to avoid attaching their iPhones on the handlebars or even the chassis of their motorcycles due to the extremity of the vibration.

The Cupertino giant further noted that even those riding electric scooters or mopeds, which sport many lower-powered engines, should still avoid mounting their iPhones directly. Not unless the mount features vibration-dampening technology.

So, it turns out that iPhone mounts for motorbikes are not the best purchase for your smartphone.

It is to note that iPhones models from iPhone 7 onwards include both OIS and AF, including the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus.

That said, the latest warning from Apple also applies to the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 lineup users.

Elsewhere, Apple warned that almost all of their products could be risky to pacemakers due to their magnets.

In other Apple-related news, the Cupertino giant revealed that it will take an approach for its camera assembly method to cut some of its costs.

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