Android 12 (its full, most stable version, at most) might be released a little bit late compared to its predecessors.

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According to AndroidCentral, Android 12's tentative release date may have been revealed in a leaked internal Google document: October 4. The document was spotted by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers, which says that the source code for the OS will be released on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Rahman tweeted a screenshot of the document, which also likely shows when Android 12 will release on handhelds and tablets:

It's a little weird that Google still hadn't announced an official release date for Android 12 when they released it way back in February. That's a seven-month wait already. Aside from that, the leaked document also suggests that Android 12 has had a few development setbacks compared to its predecessors. It's taken a bit longer than, say, Android 10 and Android 11, both of which were only separated by a year (10 released in 2019, and 11 launched only last year).

Android 12's Imminent Launch Could Mean More

Should the rumor about Android 12 prove to be accurate, it could also mean that the debut for the much-anticipated Google Pixel 6 is on the horizon. The release of the Google Pixel 6 is also not officially announced yet, but industry analysts believe it could very well launch with Android 12 in it already. Furthermore, any phones which will support the new OS could mean other Pixel phones, like the 5a, 5, 4a, or even the 4a 5G, reports TechAdvisor. Google themselves have already posted teaser images of their upcoming handset on Instagram a few days ago, likely to build even more hype:

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What Can People Expect from Android 12?

Until an official announcement is made for the actual release date for Android 12, the only thing people can do for now is taking look at the planned changes. And boy, they are shaping up to be good.

One of the biggest ones involves great accessibility features. People can, for one, control their phones using their facial gestures. This is made possible by the OS' Camera Switches function.

Anybody who has difficulty with precise motor functions would never need to tap the screen to use their phone anymore. All they'll need to do is these supported face gesture options: open their mouths, look left, right, or up, smile, or even just raise their eyebrows.

Either way, one thing is certain: Android 12 is now on the home stretch and is expected to hit the newest handsets from major OEMs like Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus, alongside Google.

Apple's Counter

Apple, as expected, will be countering with their hyped-up iOS 15 updates. But like Google, they still haven't announced an official release date for their new OS. It might only be for a while, though since their next big reveal event is set for Tuesday, September 13.

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