"Monster Mob," a collection of monster-themed NFTs, is set to go on public sale on September 14. 

It joins other NFT collections that will be available for minting on the said date, including "The Order of the Shadows," "The Bear Market," and the "Degen Gang" presale. 

There are a total of 7,777 "Monster Mob" NFTs available for minting, but 777 have already been made available during the presale. 

"Monster Mob" is the newest addition to the numerous digital art NFTs hitting the market as of late. 

'Monster Mob' NFTs to go on Public Sale

Monster Mob NFT Collection
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Monster Mob Twitter account)

"Monster Mob" NFTs are scheduled for launch in a public sale on September 14. The public sale is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. EST, per the "Monster Mob" Twitter announcement. Each NFT can be minted for 0.07 Ethereum (ETH). 

According to the "Monster Mob" official website, the NFT collection is made up of "programmatically randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain made up of over 150 hand-drawn features." 

As is the case with all NFT collections, each "Monster Mob" NFT is unique, and no two monsters are ever alike. Randomly generated assets and features include the monster's head, mouth, nose, eyes, accessories, clothes, tattoos, and more. 

What Else Can be Expected From 'Monster Mob'?

According to the "Monster Mob" website, "Every Monster will grant the holders access to exclusive experiences in the metaverse and in real life."

Those who will end up owning "Monster Mob" NFTs can expect a community wallet to be opened in the future. This community wallet can be used to fund buybacks as well as community development projects. 

The developer of the NFT collection also plans on introducing real-world experiences for the NFT owners. 

"We will open physical locations around the world where Monster Mobs can co-mingle in real life and drink on the house," the official website reads. 

Digital Art NFTs

"Monster Mob" is just one of the many new additions to the growing list of digital art NFTs in the market. NFTs do not necessarily have to come in the form of digital art, but it seems that this type is arguably the most popular among minters as of late. 

Digital art NFTs come in different designs and themes these days, ranging from animal NFTs and monster NFTs to food NFTs and even rock NFTs. 

Animal NFTs seem to be a popular choice these days. Examples of dog NFTs include "SIPHER" and the Dogecoin-inspired NFT collection "DogeX." A popular example of cat NFTs is "CryptoKitties."

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If you are looking for monster NFTs like "Monster Mob," "CryptoPunks" and its zombie NFTs just might fit the bill. 

Other cool themed NFT collections available in the market right now include the sushi NFTs of "Sushiverse" and the rock NFT collection called "EtherRock."

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