Panda Fight Club NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Panda Fight Club Twitter account)
Panda Fight Club NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Panda Fight Club Twitter account)

"Panda Fight Club" will be releasing panda fighter-themed NFTs to be minted on September 13. 

A total of 8,888 randomly generated panda fighter NFTs can be minted when the NFT collection is released. 

A "Panda Fight Club" NFT game can be expected later this year. 

'Panda Fight Club' NFTs to go on Sale on Sept. 13

Panda Fight Club NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Panda Fight Club Twitter account)

"Panda Fight Club's" NFT collection of panda fighter-themed NFTs will be released for minting on September 13 at 7 p.m. UTC. Each NFT costs 0.088 ETH (Ethereum) and will give the owner access to the upcoming NFT game. 

The panda NFT collection will join others that will go on sale on the said date. Other NFTs that will go on sale on September 13 include "Third Eye Alice" and "Super Shiba Club," according to Rarity

According to the "Panda Fight Club" website, a portion of the sales will be donated to Pandas International. 

As with all NFTs, each panda NFT part of the "Panda Fight Club" NFT collection will have traits that make it unique from the rest of the collection. These traits include:

  • Body - Skins range from common to exotic.

  • Hand - Each NFT will be holding a weapon for battle. Some possibilities include a battle staff and a ray gun that is considered super rare. 

  • Eyes - According to the website, "this attribute defines the path each panda has chosen to take."

  • Feet - Some of the panda fighter NFTs will be wearing sneakers while others will not have shoes.

  • Head - Headpieces will range from common to those that will make an NFT rarer than the rest. 

  • Clothes - The "Panda Fight Club" website says, "it's for the aesthetic." 

  • Mouth - Some will have cigars in their mouths. Some will have other things.

  • Background - You can expect different backgrounds that will give off different vibes. 

'Panda Fight Club' Road Map

Panda Fight Club NFTs
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Panda Fight Club Twitter account)

There is a lot to expect from "Panda Fight Club" after it goes on sale on September 13. One of which is that first supporters will receive an ETH airdrop. As of press time, no exact date has been given for the airdrop. 

There will be a special edition giveaway of 75 rare "Spec Ops" pandas for the Discord community. 

What many will be excited for, however, is the "Panda Fight Club" NFT game that is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. According to the website, the game will be " a 1v1 battle game that's released after all pandas have been minted."

The NFT game will give NFT owners the chance to battle each other using their panda fighter NFTs. 

Animal NFTs

"Panda Fight Club" is the latest addition to the upcoming NFT games that gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike can be excited for. The panda-themed NFT collection is also the latest example of animal-themed digital art NFTs. 

Another animal that has inspired a number of NFTs is the dog. "Cyber Shibas" and "SIPHER" are examples of NFTs inspired by the Shiba Inu.

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If apes and monkeys are more your thing than dogs, "Chibi Apes" NFTs went on sale last September 9. 

Not interested in animals you can find on land? Maybe the ones found in water will. The Weird Whales NFT collection is inspired by an 8-bit stock photo of a blue whale. What's even more amazing about it is its creator, Benyamin Ahmed, who is only 12 years old. 

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