Apple's 2020 iPad Pros are currently on sale at B&H.

For those who are looking for these products, B&H has the best offer right now at a $150 discount. You can score any of the two: 11 and 12-inch models. Its price starts at $769, so be ready if you come across the store.

B&H Offers Big Discount For 2020 Apple iPad Pros 

Apple Deals 2021: B&H Offers Up to $150 Discount for 2020 iPad Pros
(Photo : B&H)
B&H is now offering huge discounts for those who will buy Apple's previous-gen iPad Pros.

According to the official site of B&H, you can enjoy big price slashes at this store if you want to purchase the previous generation of Apple iPad Pros.

Earlier this week, you can obtain the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for only $849 from its former price of $999. That's a $150 saving that you can keep for your other needs.

Although it is quite an outdated model compared to its newest counterpart, the 2020 Apple iPad Pro is still excellent for its features and price.

Through its 10-hour battery life and even Face ID recognition feature, this smart gadget is a go-to option for budget takers. Both models also support USB-C connectivity.

In addition, the 11 and 12.9-inch variants sport support for WiFi6 besides the LiDar scanner. Of course, for techies who missed the opportunity of buying the 2020 iPad Pro, here is now the perfect chance to get it.

Never Miss These Apple Products

From a Sept. 14 report by 9to5Toys, you might want to add another extra feature for your Apple iPad OS experience. You can do that by grabbing an Apple Pencil (2nd gen).

If you are the type of person who is fond of illustrating, scribbling, or jotting down a recipe, you will need a good electronic pencil. You might also push to upgrade your existing iPad Pro to its latest version.

Furthermore, Apple has also had surprising offers for its most recent M1 products. 

For those who want to get a 12.9-inch M1, you can save as much as $100 when you buy it with an $11-inch model which sits at $99. Add the Liquid Retina XDR display to your cart and you are good to go at $999.

At the time of writing, Apple continues to insert many improvements for the 11-inch iPad Pro including the 8-core graphics processor, A12Z Bionic processor, and a Neural Engine chip for those who want to pursue machine learning.

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Previous Reports About Apple iPad

In April, many fans have been speculating if Apple will incorporate a touchscreen feature to the alleged iPad-macOS combinationWhen the Apple representatives spoke about the report, they said that Apple will retain the iPad system in the iOs. This means that the macOS will be absent for the iPad.

Two months later, rumors emerged about the 14 and 16-inch iPad Pros coming in the future.

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