"Couch" is probably one of the NFT collections with the most straightforward names. This NFT collection, which is composed of 4,444 couch NFTs, is set to go on sale on September 16. 

A presale event will take place first in the morning, followed by the public sale in the afternoon.

The developer of the "Couch" NFTs will launch an MTV-inspired NFT collection in the future. 

'Couch' NFTs to go on Sale on September 16

"Couch" NFTs are set to go on sale on September 16. 4,444 couch NFTs will be available for minting. Each NFT costs 0.025 Ethereum (ETH) to mint. 

"Couch" joins other NFT collections set to be released on that day, including "Angry Boars," "Dapper Dinos," "HolyCows," and "Space Inmates."

The presale event will happen in the morning at 9 a.m. EST while the public sale will be at 3 p.m. EST. According to the official "Couch" website, the reveal will take place six to 24 hours after the public sale. 

Having MetaMask on your browser is a requirement to be able to mint the NFTs. 

More House or Furniture-Themed NFTs in the Future?

Couch and NF-TV NFT Collections
(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Couch Twitter account)

According to the "Couch" website, "'Couch' is the first step to furnish your house."

While there are not many details available pertaining to the plans of the developer of the NFT collection, the website mentions the second NFT collection that will come after "Couch."

"NF-TV," an NFT collection inspired by MTV, will be the next project of the developer. Owners of the couch NFTs will get a free claim, according to the website. 

Digital Art NFTs

"Couch" is one of the newest examples of digital art NFTs. NFTs do not always come in the form of digital art as they can also be collectibles, music, and even the first tweet ever sold by the Twitter CEO as an NFT. However, digital art NFTs seem to be the most common as well as the most popular kind out there.

A popular kind of digital art NFTs are animal NFTS. There are dog NFTs, cat NFTs, ape NFTs, and so many more out there. 

One animal-inspired digital art NFT collection that made headlines a few weeks back is known as "Weird Whales." The "Weird Whales" NFT collection is composed of NFTs inspired by an 8-bit stock photo of a blue whale. Believe it or not, it was created by a 12-year-old boy from London named Benyamin Ahmed. 

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There are digital art NFTs inspired by people, creatures, or monsters such as "CryptoPunks," "CryptoDads," and the "Monster Mob" NFT collection

There are also NFTs inspired by food and other objects, which the "Couch" NFTs are examples of. Other examples of such digital art NFTs include the rock NFTs of "EtherRock" and the sushi-themed NFTs of "Sushiverse," 

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