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PS5 restock on Amazon is here, and the e-commerce giant has gotten both versions of the PS5 on the site. The PS5 main version and the PS5 Digital Version can both be bought on Amazon right now.

The PlayStation 5 plays physical discs and digital copies of video games that you download. The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is $100 cheaper because it only plays digital games.

PS5 Listing on Amazon

If you visit either of the listings now, it will show you that both are sold out. If you click the "See All Buying Options" tab on the listing, you will be directed to some used PlayStation consoles that are currently in stock.

However, not everyone is keen on purchasing a used console.

If you don't mind getting a used one, then you can proceed with the checkout process. But if you want to get a new one for yourself, you will need to constantly check the latest PS5 restock update.

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Hidden PS5 listings on Amazon

Aside from the main listings that you see on Amazon's site, the e-commerce has several hidden PlayStation 5 listings, according to BGR.

The hidden listings don't always show up when you search for the PS5 console. However, there is a way to look for these secret listings, and if you can find it, you can secure a console.

Amazon sellers can create a different PS5 listing by selling the video game console bundled with another item. It can be a random item like a cable or another accessory that does not normally come with the PlayStation 5 console.

The good news is that several of the hidden PS5 listings on Amazon are back in stock, so if you missed the availability of the PS5 consoles on the main listing, you could opt for this one, according to GamesRadar.

You can purchase a console via hidden listings. They are often brand new, and they can be shipped to you in just a few days. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that you will have to pay extra because it is bundled with another item.

Possible PS5 Restock in September

The PS5 stock is almost impossible to find in retail stores. It does not matter what version you are looking for, as there is a massive chance that both of them are sold out everywhere, according to TomsGuide.

With Black Friday right around the corner, the public does not expect anything to change. There is a chance that some major retail stores will be able to release a couple of consoles before the holidays.

The PS5 stocks can be used to lure people into their stores, especially during Black Friday. Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy celebrates Black Friday and often have PlayStation consoles ready.

PS5 consoles have been popping up with increasing frequency in the past week.

On Sept. 10, Target suddenly dropped PS5 stocks, but just like other retailers, the stocks were sold out immediately.

On Sept. 14, GameStop and PlayStation Direct dropped stocks online, but it was sold out just a couple of minutes after it became available.

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