Health Worker Becomes First Person with Prosthetics to Board First SpaceX Private Flight
(Photo : Image from Health Worker Becomes First Person with Prosthetics to Board First SpaceX Private Flight

A health worker by the name of Hayley Arceneaux becomes the first person with prosthetics to board the first SpaceX private flight.

The four people that are to board SpaceX's first private flight include Jared Isaacman (sponsor), Chris Sembroski (raffle winner), Sian Proctor (business winner), and Hayley Arceneaux (St. Jude representative).

SpaceX Inspiration4 First Private Flight

According to the story by, they will reportedly be circling Earth for three days at what was noted as "unusually high altitude."

They will reportedly do so on their own without a professional escort helping them.

This is also before they are expected to splash down off the Florida coast.

Hayley Arceneaux is a physician assistant at St. Jude and the representative of the institution, which will be the beneficiary of the charity event that will happen once the Inspiration4 crew comes back to surface.

Arcenaux was reportedly a bone cancer patient at the age of 10 at Memphis Tennessee. In order to save her leg, St. Jude actually replaced her knee along with a part of her thigh bone by implanting a titanium rod.

St. Jude Representative Aboard SpaceX First Private Flight

She will reportedly be the first person ever with a prosthesis to go into space at the age of 29, which also makes her the youngest American to do so.

She was reportedly St. Jude's very own runaway choice in January as the hospital's sole representative in space.

For those that want to see the SpaceX Inspiration4 flight live through stream, click here to learn more.

Arceneaux reportedly kept up with her fellow passengers in training, and this was even while trudging up Washington's Mount Rainier in the snow.

The only compromise she has is that SpaceX adjusted her capsule seat in order to relieve knee pain.

Hayley's Mission

Hayley noted that she was so excited when it came to opening space travel up to a lot of people,  including those that aren't actually that physically fit.

Learn more about the upcoming SpaceX Inspiration4 mission objectives, and what the trip is expected to accomplish.

She will reportedly chat with St. Jude patients from orbit itself while reminding them that their dreams can also come true.

She has reportedly taken along her late father's St. Jude tie, which is considered her prized possession.

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Hayley Arceneaux Shares Her Journey

She noted that she is so thankful for her journey with cancer due to it giving her a love for life.

This also includes a zest for life as well as the confidence to be able to say yes to certain opportunities. Hayley noted that this is the biggest honor in her life.

According to the article by, Arceneaux reportedly works for St. Jude as a physician assistant but has also actually been involved with the research hospital.

The research hospital treats and researches certain pediatric cancers as well as other diseases. She was reportedly involved ever since she was just a kid.

Hayley Arceneaux is expected to be one of the first to join SpaceX's first private flight.

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