SpaceX's Inspiration 4 would have a multi-day journey on their mission aboard the passenger spacecraft of Dragon, where they would not be immediately returning home.

The crew would not immediately go back to land, as they have an actual mission and not embarking on a test flight to see if the spacecraft is capable of bringing humans to orbit.

There would be a different agenda for the Inspiration4 Crew, and it would not be like the previous launches of other space companies like Jezz Bezos with Blue Origin and Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic. The collection of civilians on this mission may not be astronauts but have far greater missions as civilians.

SpaceX Inspiration4: What is Their Mission?

The Crew Members of the SpaceX Inspiration4 Mission
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Inspiration4's Twitter account)

In case people are wondering, Inspiration4 has a far greater purpose for their journey, and it would take multiple days in orbit before they return to the ground, not as civilians but as astronauts. SpaceX's official Twitter account (@SpaceX), said that the crew would embark on a multi-day journey of scientific research for human health.

According to SpaceX's press release, while the main focus is for the research for human health, Inspiration4 would also experiment on the spaceflights which astronauts would experience on their journey. The mission of Inspiration4 is also to unlock different methods and approaches to spaceflight, as humans have limited knowledge of this.

That being said, Inspiration4 would act as the first hand "testers" of future methods or strategies when launching to space, particularly because SpaceX would have more human flights in the future. This would be particularly helpful when they embark on its first human mission to Mars, aboard the Starship that would come within this decade.

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When Would Inspiration4 Come Back?

Crew Dragon for Inspiration4
(Photo : Joel Kowsky/NASA via Getty Images)

This would be Inspiration4's first day into orbit, and they would stay there, revolutionizing around the Earth, and not go anywhere. However, it was not clear what approaches to spaceflight they would do, if the crew would be focusing on other approaches in spaceflight and if they would go off-course for the experiments.

SpaceX has partnered with a lot of medical research teams and other institutions for this mission, all to have stakes in the experiments that the astronauts of Inspiration4 would do. Most of these are focused on learning the effects of space on the human body, while some are focused on genomes, scan systems, and analyze biomedical samples.

SpaceX's Inspiration4 would spend approximately three days in orbit.

Could the Public Watch their Mission?

Another part of their mission is to raise money and awareness for the St. Jude Children Research's Hospital, which they have done with partners and benefactors of the project.

SpaceX has not mentioned any live stream in the cockpit of the Dragon, especially when the astronauts are already doing their experiments and mission. SpaceX would share images and certain media after the mission, as well as its Netflix documentary of the events that have transpired.

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