Apple Watch Series 7 Support for 33% Faster Charging with USB-C | MagSafe Duo Not Compatible?
(Photo : Image from Apple Website) Apple Watch Series 7 Support for 33% Faster Charging with USB-C | MagSafe Duo Not Compatible?

The Apple Watch Series 7 now supports 33% faster charging! The thing is, this is still with a USB-C and not with the MagSafe Duo.

Apple Watch Series 7 Fast Charging

According to the story by 9to5Mac, one of the few new features of the supposed Apple Watch Series 7 is actually the support for fast charging. This is expected to result in a 33% faster charging time when it is compared to the previous Apple Watch 6.

Apple, however, notes that fast charging would still require a brand new USB-C cable, which is now included in the bundled box. The MagSafe Duo owners, on the other hand, might not be able to take advantage of this particular new feature.

USB-C Apple Watch Series 7

Apple notes that the new Apple Watch Series 7 is capable of going from 0 to 80% in only a matter of 45 minutes of charging when using the USB-C fast charging cable. Apple reportedly highlights on its website that just 8 minutes of charging is enough to bring its users 8hrs of sleep. 

This would be a great improvement since the Apple watch battery actually still does not last for over a full day. Apple gave a statement on its website noting that the new Watch "charges in no time." When it comes to Apple's new smartphone, those outside of the US will not be able to get mmWave 5G connectivity for the iPhone 13.

Apple Watch SE?

The statement details that the entire charging system for the new Apple Watch Series 7 has actually been rethought to get user's up and running faster than before. With a newly updated charging architecture as well as a fast-charging USB-C cable, it would only take just 45 minutes in order to go from 0 to 80%.

Luckily, buyers of the new Apple Watch Series 7 will get a USB-C cable that is already included in the box. As noted by a colleague of 9to5Mac, Zac Hall, the company also updated that new Apple Watch SE box in order to include the brand new USB-C cable. The model, however, does not actually support fast charging.

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Is MagSafe Duo Compatible?

The previous Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to keep its regular USB-A cable. The upcoming Apple Watch 7 owners should also reportedly keep in mind that the whole fast-charging network won't work on the MagSafe Duo.

Zac Hall also noted that Apple's website mostly emphasizes that the brand new Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C cable is still required in order to achieve fast charging. This is while there is still no mention regarding the MagSafe Duo charger compatibility.

It was also noted that Apple is emphasizing the new faster charging, which is now unlocked on the Series 7 only when users try out the "fast-charging USB-C cable," which reportedly ships out with the brand new Apple Watch. Apple is also reportedly dropping the 256GB option for the iPhone SE while the 64GB and the 128GB remain.

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