Just like other gadgets, Nintendo Switch also needs a good screen protector. It is an essential practice that users should always add a necessary gaming accessory for their experience.

Since Switch is a handheld device, its screen is the most exposed area that you should always safeguard. There are times that a slight contact can cause little scratches.

Apart from that, the worst thing that could happen to your console is if it falls on the floor. If a glass screen or any component breaks, that's another repair service that you will seek.

If you are looking for the best screen protectors for your Switch, we got you covered this time Here's the list that can help you choose a good gaming screen protector for your console. 

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors 

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors 2021: Protect Your Console From Impacts, Scratches
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Here are the best screen protectors for your Nintendo Switch console.


If there's a number one pick among the candidates for the Nintendo Switch screen protectors, Zagg will be the top choice.

Considering its quality and hyper-resistant capability against smudges, the console owners should expect that this screen protector will not come at a friendly price.

In return, its expensive value compensates for its features. Besides that it is convenient to place on the screen, you can no longer find another one that will suit your gaming needs.


  • Glass+ offers next-level strength

  • Highly-durable

  • Scratch, shattering, crack, and dent-resistant

  • Fingerprints are no match to it thanks to its oil-resistant surface

  • Easy to clean

  • Has lifetime warranty

  • Prevents bubbles on the screen


  • Not budget-friendly


Are you looking for a 2-in-1 protector for your console and your eyes? Ivoler offers a nice Nintendo Switch protector that is also affordable. 

Unlike a single-item pack of ZAGG, Ivoler can give you three tempered glass protectors in just one pack.


  • Goes well with touchscreen sensitivity

  • Perfect dimensions for your screen

  • Preserves the natural display of your screen

  • Features blue light filter to protect your eye from straining

  • Fingerprint-resistant coating

  • 3 Packs available Highly affordable for its price 



This two-pack Nintendo Switch screen protector boasts a thickness that will fit your preference. It's already proven that JETech is another brand that you should search for when looking for the best accessories for your console.


  • High-quality and strong tempered glass with precision fit

  • Highly scratch-resistant

  • Transparent and very responsive to touch

  • Smudge/fingerprint-resistant

  • Offers two protectors in one pack

  • Provides application sticker guides, blue dust film, and cleaning cloth


  • Air bubbles sometimes appear in the corner of the screen

  • Its thickness cause problems with docking

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If JETech has a thick size for a screen protector, ORZLY has an ultra-thin glass screen protector. If you are aiming to obtain a slim protector, this is the perfect brand for your liking.


  • Very responsive and light-weight 

  • Provides better fit for screen due to reduced bulk

  • Shatter and scratch-resistant

  • Fingerprints and smudges are easy to clean

  • Gives a safer grip thanks to its rounded edges


  • Thorough application is needed because bubbles could appear sometimes during the set-up


amFilm has a special Switch screen protector that is preferred by those who want to play in HD. Say goodbye to scratches and dust thanks to this protector.


  • Durable and thick

  • Good transparency for HD viewing

  • Responsive to touch

  • Corner to corner fit

  • Fingerprint-resistant coating

  • 2 screen protectors and accessories in a single pack


  • Installation could sometimes generate bubbles, according to Best Reviews.

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