Renewable energy is the future of the United States, at least according to the current administration. 

Renewable energy solar panels
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Current US president Joe Biden has called for a major change in the American energy sector, all in an attempt to help with the climate crisis.

The White House has recently announced their plans for the country to heavily invest in renewable energy sources, specifically solar, with their main goal being to generate almost half of the entire nation's energy demand from it by 2050. 

However, these plans have been slammed by Carbon Infrastructure Partners (CIP) managing partner Craig Golinowski.

According to him, the White House's plan to produce 1,050 to 1,570 gigawatts purely by solar power is not "financially feasible," reported The Express

Golinowski claimed that even if renewable energy is the future, it still can't compete with the total energy output of fossil fuels right now. He then further said that if the US does decide to push through with this plan, they will be facing a massive energy crisis. 

This green energy plan is an extremely massive undertaking.

Estimates by the US Department of Energy say that over 3.1 million solar panels produce just one gigawatt of power. That's equivalent to 346 wind turbines. 

Still, it hasn't slowed down the increase in the popularity of renewable energy sources there. Right now, Americans are actually buying more and more into them, with solar leading the race.

According to CNBC, there was a record-high number of solar installations across the United States last year. This could mainly be attributed to decreased costs and policies such as tax incentives. 

But should the POTUS Joe Biden administration's plan succeed, it will provide something way more than just clean energy. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claimed that the deployment of these solar panels would create over 1.5 million jobs. 

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Renewable Energy Critics: What's Their Gripe About It? 

Golinowski is just one of many critics of renewable energy sources, and they often cite similar reasons as to why current targets for the implementation of renewables aren't feasible. 

Renewable energy turbines
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Perhaps their biggest concern is the alleged intermittent quality of green energy generation.

Solar panels, for one, obviously cannot collect sunlight at night. Wind turbines, on the other hand, require excellent weather conditions to produce enough power. 

Still, they can't really deny that solar and wind have become cheaper than coal, and that the harmful environmental effects of hundreds of years' worth of fossil fuel use have started to rear their ugly heads. 

The World Is Adopting Renewables At A Rapid Pace 

America needs to hurry up with their green energy revolution, because much of the developed world has now adopted renewables.

Europe, for instance, now generates 38% of its electricity from solar, wind, hydroelectric, and bioenergy sources. 

If the Europeans managed to do it (and keep doing it), then there's no reason for the US to not do it themselves. 

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