"Trauma Llamas," a collection of 8,888 llama NFTs, is set to have its public sale on September 21. As part of the project, the developers will make donations to the Southeast Llama Rescue and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

All holders of the "Trauma Llamas" NFTs will be part of the Trauma Llamas Club. Three members of the club will get the chance to develop and launch their own NFTs with the help of the developers.

A second-generation NFT collection, as well as a mobile NFT game, can be expected in the future.

'Trauma Llamas' NFT Public Sale on Sept. 21

"Trauma Llamas," a collection of llama NFTs, is set to go on sale on September 21 at 4 p.m. UTC. There are 8,888 llama NFTs in total, and each can be minted for 0.04 Ethereum (ETH) plus gas.

Gas is defined by Investopedia as "the fee, or pricing value, required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform."

"Trauma Llamas" joins other NFT collections that will be dropped on September 21. According to a list that was compiled by Rarity, these NFT collections include "The Wolf Pack," "NFT Jungle Collective," and "Koalunatics."

Each holder of the "Trauma Llamas" NFTs will become a member of the Trauma Llamas Club and receive a digital welcome kit that includes member merch, exclusive giveaways, and mobile game beta.

Three members of the Trauma Llamas Club will also get the chance to be given $10,000 each to create and start their own NFT project.

In the future, donations will be made by the creators of the "Trauma Llamas" NFTs to the Southeast Llama Rescue and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The combined total of the donation will amount to $25,000.

A second-generation NFT collection, as well as a mobile NFT game, can also be expected from the "Trauma Llamas" creators.

'Trauma Llamas' Attributes

According to the official "Trauma Llamas" website, "Trauma Llamas are generated with 132 unique attributes over 9 categories, giving a possibility of 7,541,700,000 different combinations."

Examples of attributes include:

  • Backgrounds - bay, beach, city, desert, heaven or hell, snow, space, etc.

  • Fur - beige, dark grey, gold, rainbow, white, etc.

  • Fur patterns - black splotches, brown spots, orange spots, white splotches, etc.

  • Clothing - ammo belt, angel wings, purple sweater, red sweater, pink blanket, saddle, etc.

  • Eyes - blue, drowsy, gold laser, happy, red laser, satisfied, etc.

  • Eye objects - 3D glasses, black blindfold, eye patch, monocle, etc.

  • Head - blue afro, gold crown, halo, horns, mint curls, pink mohawk, purple witch hat, top hat, etc.

  • Mouth - buck teeth, mustache, open mouth, etc.

  • Neck - blue tie, gold chain, pink bow, yellow scarf, etc.

Animal NFTs

"Trauma Llamas" is the newest example of animal NFTs that those looking to own NFTs can mint.

Animal NFTs are one of the most common kinds of digital NFTs you can find in the market. Examples of animal NFTs include dog NFTs, cat NFTs, panda NFTs, and even kangaroo NFTs and whale NFTs.

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Dog NFTs seem to be popular among NFT creators. Examples of dog NFTs include "SIPHER," "Cyber Shibas," and the Dogecoin-inspired "DogeX."

Other examples of animal NFTs include "Panda Fight Club," "Chibi Apes," "Weird Whales," and the Russian matryoshka doll-inspired cat NFTs called "Catryoshkas." 

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