"Roo Crew," a sports-themed kangaroo NFT collection, is set to go on public sale on September 20. There are 5,000 NFTs in the collection.

Future plans of the developers for the NFT collection include a possible interactive NFT game, merchandise, Ethereum (ETH) giveaways, and grants for holders to start their own project.

'Roo Crew' NFTs to Go on Sale on Sept. 20

"Roo Crew," a collection of sports-themed kangaroo NFTs, is set to go on public sale on September 20 at 8 p.m. EST. There are 5,000 NFTs in the collection, and each NFT can be minted for 0.05 ETH.

The sports-themed kangaroo NFTs joins other NFT collections that will be dropped on the said date. According to a list by Rarity, the other NFT collections include "Crypto Hobos," "Crazy Cousinz," and "Flowtys."

The kangaroo NFTs in the "Roo Crew" collection are all unique and have different traits such as:

  • Backgrounds

  • Facial expressions

  • Hand gestures

  • Fur

  • Eyes

  • Mouth

  • Ears

  • Tails

  • Pouches

  • Clothes

  • Hair

  • Hat

  • Jewelry

  • Other accessories

The "Roo Crew" NFTs are also divided into five different sports: American football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and soccer. According to the Roo Crew website, each sports category has its own unique backgrounds and traits.

Each sport will also have ultra rare Kangaroo NFTs.

According to the "Roo Crew" website, "5% of all net revenue (profits) regardless of how many Roos are adopted."

What 'Roo Crew' Holders Can Expect in the Future

The developers have a number of exciting plans in store for the holders of the "Roo Crew" NFTs. At the forefront of these plans is an interactive NFT game.

According to the "Roo Crew" website, the developers' "top priority is an interactive game where Roos compete against each other, individually and/or as teams/guilds."

The developers are also planning to give grants or scholarships plus Twitter and Discord support to members of the community so that they can launch their own NFT project.

They are also planning on holding free poker and DFS tournaments for "Roo Crew" NFT holders with prizes that can be won by participants.

Animal NFTs

"Roo Crew" is the latest example of animal NFTs in the market, as well as the latest addition to the list of NFT collections with upcoming NFT games.

Animal NFTs are one of the most popular kinds of digital art NFTs you can find as of late. There are dog NFTs, cat NFTs, panda NFTs, ape NFTs, and even whale NFTs.

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Among animal NFTs, it can be said that dog NFTs are the most common that you can find. Examples of dog NFTs include the Shiba Inu NFT collection called "SIPHER" and the Dogecoin-inspired "DogeX" NFTs.

Cat NFTs are also a popular choice among NFT creators and developers. Examples of cat NFTs include the very popular "CryptoKitties" and the Russian matryoshka doll-inspired "Catryoshkas" NFTs.

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