"Catryoshkas," a cat NFT collection, is set to go on presale on September 18. The NFT collection has a total of 8.888 "Catryoshkas."

The developers of this NFT collection have plans of releasing merchandise as well as gamifying the NFT collection. 

'Catryoshkas' NFTs to go on Presale

Catryoshkas NFT Collection
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Catryoshkas' Twitter account)

"Catryoshkas," an NFT collection of cats whose shape will remind you of the Russian matryoshka doll, is set to go on presale on September 18 at 12:01 a.m. UTC. 

Each cat NFT in the collection can be minted for 0.06 Ethereum (ETH). The NFT collection has a total of 8,888 "Catryoshkas."

"Catryoshkas" joins other NFT collections set to go on either presale or public sale on September 18, including "Master Cucumber," and "Dark Zodiac," according to Rarity.

According to the "Catryoshkas" website, there are plans to release merchandise for the NFT collection as well as plans for gamifying the NFTs. 

Types of 'Catryoshkas' 

Per the 'Catryoshkas' website, each NFT is unique and generated from a pool of more than 200 traits. 

There are four types of "Catryoshkas." First, there is the regular "Catryoshkas," which make up the majority of the NFT collection. Holders of these cat NFTs will get a chance "to enter weekly giveaways to win other Catryoshkas, so there's always something for everybody no matter the type of Catryoshka you hold," per the website. 

The next type is called the "Lucky Coin Catryoshkas." Only 222 of this type will be available for minting. This type is the only one that can take part in the so-called "breeding system," in which holders of two "Lucky Coin Catryoshkas" can mint a "Grand Catryoshka."

"Grand Catryoshkas" is the biggest in terms of size in the NFT collection. They cannot be minted unless you have two "Lucky Coin Catryoshkas." Only 111 of this type will be available. 

The last type is called "Kitten Catryoshkas," the smallest one in size. This is where the concept of a Russian matryoshka doll comes in as some "Catryoshkas" will have the "Kitten Catryoshkas" in them. Only 111 of these are available. 

Holders of the "Kittens" can join weekly giveaways that can win them very rare "Catryoshkas."

Animal NFTs

'Catryoshkas' is the latest example of animal-themed digital art NFTs. Specifically, these NFTs are the latest example of cat NFTs. 

Arguably the most popular example of cat NFTs is "CryptoKitties." "CryptoKitties" is an NFT game that involves breeding cats. Their breeding has an effect on their attributes and how rare an NFT ends up being. 

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Other examples of animal-themed digital art NFTs include dog NFTs such as "Cyber Shibas," "SIPER," and the Doge-inspired "DogeX" NFT collection.

There are also whale NFTs called "Weird Whales," ape NFTs is known as "Chibi Apes," and panda NFTs called "Panda Fight Club."

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