Cardano Price Prediction | Will This Crypto Asset be as Big as Ethereum and Can It Beat Ethereum 2.0?
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Cardano Price Prediction | Will This Crypto Asset be as Big as Ethereum and Can It Beat Ethereum 2.0?

As of the moment, the opinion regarding the Cardano price prediction is split both ways as some investors are expecting the crypto asset to go bullish while others are expecting the asset to go bearish.

Find out the consensus regarding $ADA.

Interest in Cardano

A recent market correction seemed to take investors by surprise, and although it looked scary, an article by InvestorPlace noted that this is really nothing that "Cardano can't withstand."

It was noted that the coin has proven itself a number of times with its Teflon-like durability.

Without a catalyst for  the whole downturn, it was said that investors are most likely looking at the whole situation as a "buying" opportunity.

It is important, however, to weigh the different opinions of top investors before buying and also do your own research or DYOR.

The opinions were listed on the article by InvestorPlace:

Cardano Bullish Predictions

  • WalletInvestor is reportedly bullish on $ADA, thinking that it could even double up the current price through the next 12 months and even hit new ATHs or all time highs. The site reportedly predicts that the price of $ADA could go up to $4.52 in September 2022.

  • Coin Quora reportedly sees potential for massive gains for $ADA before the year ends. If the whole bullish trend still continues, $ADA could even push through the strong $3 resistance level and could potentially explode to prices that are "as high as $7."

  • CoinPriceForecast might not be the most bullish compared to the others on this list. The site reportedly predicts a potential year-end price of just $2.81 for cardano while leaving the crypto asset below $3 by 2022.

  • Gov Capital currently sees $ADA retaking the $3 mark and even staying there for a while. The site's whole 12-month prediction casts a significant $3.15 expectation for the coin. This is still good enough to record a new all-time high.

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Ethereum vs Cardano

While there are a lot of investors bullish on Cardano, there are still a lot of people looking towards Ethereum 2.0 as a more dominant solution to the current expensive and relatively slow Ethereum.

According to the story by, in the blockchain of today, all data that goes to the chain still has to be verified by participating nodes, hence slower speeds and increasing transaction costs.

Ethereum 2.0's will be able to increase its efficiency through breaking data verifications among nodes responsible for data verification.

This will allow blockchains to process in parallel which could increase the overall capacity of computation. This will reportedly be done through the sharding process.

With more and more innovations made on Cardano like the upcoming SundaeSwap on the CardanoCube, it is interesting to see if the newer cryptocurrency can challenge one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market and its upcoming solution, Ethereum 2.0. With Ethereum 2.0's innovative solution to computation through sharding, this could make the competition a bit more challenging.

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