"Splinterlands," one of many NFT games out there, is regarded as the currently most frequently played game in the blockchain space.

DappRadar listed the trading card game in the top list after exceeding its regular users count with 260,000 players daily.

NFT Game 'Splinterlands' Hits All-Time Milestone

NFT Game 'Splinterlands'is Now the Most Popular Blockchain Game After Achieving 260,000 Daily Users Milestone
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Right now, the most played NFT game is "Splinterlands," a blockchain trading card game.

The blockchain collectible card game now has a daily user base of more than 280,000. DappRadar, a trusted blockchain platform that displays records and progress for decentralized apps, has put "Splinterlands" on the number one spot of the Top Blockchain Games.

At the time of writing, the listed population of daily users accounts for 282,890, a positive 3.22% increase from its previous record.

Like other NFT games, "Splinterlands" allows the users to earn non-fungible tokens and digital money just by merely playing it.

Considering the popularity of play-to-earn games, many players engage in the crypto-focused environment to search for an additional source of income.

Before, people could only play games for the sake of entertainment. The blockchain gaming experience will be much different since they could now profit while participating in matches.

The growth in the number of "Splinterlands" players could be attributed to the rising demand for blockchain apps around the world.

'Splinterlands's' Previous Daily User Counts

It's unbelievable how an NFT game like "Splinterlands" surpasses the previously more dominant games such as "Axie Infinity" and "Cryptoblades."

It's no wonder that a massive jump in its daily user count in July started in mediocre numbers. 

From just 10,000 players, the number of "Splinterlands" players increased to 90,000 in the following month. That's equivalent to three times the usual number of users playing the NFT game.

For those interested in "Splinterlands," it is a strategic card-based game that features NFT cards. 

So far, the Promo cards, Untamed cards, Dice cards, Alpha cards, and Beta cards were already sold out in the game, NDTV reported on Wednesday, Sept.22. The developer behind "Splinterlands" is now preparing to introduce more cards in the future.

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More NFT Games to Explore in 2021

The year 2021 has become a feast of several blockchain games that showcase different genres. 

Earlier this month, we featured "Splinterlands'' in the top underrated NFT games that you can play for better ROI. Besides it, you can invest in more blockchain games such as "Lost Relics," "League of Kingdoms," "Zed Run," and "Nine Chronicles."

If you want to explore another card game, you might want to check "Spellfire," the newest NFT game that offers real-world trading cards that you can actually touch.

There are three types of cards that you should know about this game: the Original NFT, the Playing NFT, and the Not NFT Playing cards.

If you are looking for some action, consider reading the top 5 NFT MMO games in 2021 featuring "Infinite Fleet" and "Ember Swords."

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