Apple Watch Series 7 models have a new module that allows 60.5GHz wireless data transmission as per FCC documents obtained by MacRumors; however, this capability may be restricted for Apple's internal usage exclusively for the time being.

According to the filing, the 60.5GHz module activates when the Apple Watch is on the company's magnetic wireless serial dock with a corresponding 60.5GHz module, but said postage would most likely be used for Apple employees.

Apple Watch 'Series 7' Spec Update

Notedly, Apple Stores may utilize the magnetic dock to wirelessly repair the Apple Watch sparking interest if said Apple Watch Series 7 spec update will still be hidden for wired connectivity.

Although the Apple Watch's wireless data transmission speed is unknown as of this point, the possibility of USB 2.0 speeding of up to 480 Mbps is deemed feasible. Additionally, it is unknown if the technology will be accessible as a feature on the Apple Watch or other Apple devices in the future, including the long-rumored portless iPhone.

Apple has yet to announce the Apple Watch Series 7 release date, given that there is no information on the technical specifications of the new models on the company's website. Apple stated that the newly announced Series 7 models will be available later this autumn in a press release.

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Continuous Design and Performance Upgrade

Since June, the model series has constantly been upgraded in terms of design and performance. 

Apple has reportedly developed a screen with less noticeable borders using a laminate layer for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7.

Even yet, the display is not less thick compared to its previous versions for aesthetical appeal, allowing wearers to pack on additional hardware to the wristband. It is also a chance to increase the time the Apple Watch spends on the wrist with a somewhat bulkier but far more powerful battery.

Apple notably has an upcoming wristwatch that is not too 'in fashion' for those who want to go outside and be active. It rather aims to have a "rugged" appearance- a seemingly additional option tailored for sportsmen or sports fans alike.

In addition to the improved CPU and built-in AirTag technology, Apple is also making under-the-hood changes to the Series 7.

Not much is known about the brainpower of the wristwatch, however. Android Authority predicted that Apple would include a new silicon-based feature featured in the company's products.

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The Rise of Smartwatch

A recent study has shown smartwatches are taking the consumer mainstream by storm after shipments have increased by at least 35% from 2020 to 2021.

More than just a mere timepiece accessory, these smart wearables have caught people's attention because of their constant development and new innovative features that record vital health signs and fitness tracking to media management notification alerts. Most of the current models have a smartphone-integrated feature.

Notably, Apple remains on top of the chain after leading and capturing 35% of the existing smartwatch market and a recent 50% increase in sales. The increased demand is linked to the new Watch Series 6 that has created even more of a buzz in the marketplace.

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