iPhone 13 is the newest Apple smartphone that is making rounds online. Surprisingly, users get to see its fresh features right from the bat. Next month, it is intended to be released for its global launch.

The latest news about the new iPhone model reveals that it would be subjected to a limited watt power. The 12-watt capability will remain in iPhone 13 Mini, according to the updated supporting document of the Cupertino-based company.

Why does Apple Want to Limit Watt Usage for iPhone Mini?

Apple MagSafe Charger Document Says iPhone 13 Mini is Subjected to Lower 12-Watt Limit
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iPhone 13 Mini will retain the 12-power watt limitation for Magsafe Charging that was previously featured in iPhone 12 Mini.

The recent support article by Apple about the MagSafe charger and iPhone's newest models notes that you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 13 smartphone using the MagSafe Charger.

While the 15W faster wireless charging is mentioned in the support document, the feature will not be available for iPhone 13 mini. The 12W power delivery is the same capability that we have seen from the previous iPhone 12 Mini.

Apple confirmed the adjustment in the article. This is a surprise for fans who are expecting it to have bigger battery storage.

Apple's MagSafe charging is an outstanding innovation that the tech firm crafted. Since the Cupertino company released this feature, many firms followed the wireless charging trend.

Usually, the iPhone device is subject to wireless charging to avoid overheating issues. Some Apple smartphones support the MagSafe Charging experience which features 15-watt capability.

This feature is also helpful to protect the health of the phone's battery.

Next month, the iPhone 13 lineup will be introduced. iPhone 13 will have a small battery size, assuring you that this model will consume less charging power compared to its bigger variant.

Apple stuck to iPhone 12's charging power while it allowed a 15-watt limit to the standard iPhone 13. Before buying the mini version, users should first know about its charging feature, Macrumors reminds readers.

Besides iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro is also viral online because some users do not find it to be suited for the MagSafe Duo charger. The citizens found out that its size does not sit well with the feature.

iPhone 13 Rumor About its Coil Size

Last July, there were rumors that pointed out iPhone 13's wireless charging feature.Through its "slightly bigger" charging coils, the leak suggested that reverse wireless charging could happen in the upcoming smartphone.

The leaker said that "stronger" MagSafe magnets will secure the wireless charging coil of the iPhone 13. Through this feature, you can now wirelessly charge your smartwatches and AirPods given that they are compatible with the said phone.

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Will Apple Use USB Type-C in Future iPhones

Earlier this week, we reported that a proposal from the European Commission suggested that Apple should switch to using the universal USB-C portThe reason behind this proposal is the aim to reduce e-waste. It will also help people to save a lot of money when buying expensive Lightning chargers.

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