Tesla's FSD or Full Self Driving beta button, along with the introduction of the Safety Score system, rolls out after numerous delays amid the concerns of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Tesla FSD Beta Button Rolls Out After Multiple Delays Amid NTSB Raising Safety Concerns
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Last Sept. 17, the founder and CEO of Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk, announced that the long-awaited FSD beta button of the EV company will finally be released on Sept. 24.

However, the Tesla exec noted that only drivers with good behavior will get to enable the button that triggers the FSD or autopilot feature of the electric vehicle maker.

And to live up to the promise of Musk, the FSD button launched to its users on Friday night.

Tesla FSD Beta Button Rolls Out

As per CNBC, the Tesla FSD beta is the "premium driver-assistance software" of Musk's EV firm. Its recently released button allows vehicle owners to request software access.

However, the FSD beta will only work for those who pass the newly introduced Safety Score beta system, which seeks to promote and incentivize safe driving.

It is to note that when Musk first mentioned the idea of the Tesla Full Self-Driving package, it was expected to release in a "feature complete" status by the end of 2019.

Initially, the FSD Beta button was called the feature-complete version of the software. However, after multiple delays, the EV company coined a seemingly catchier moniker.

Some Tesla customers already pre-ordered the self-driving package when it launched way back in 2019, which still cost $6,000 in August of that year--but it already inflated to a $10,000 price today.

That said, these early customers had to wait until Sept. 2021 to at least request for the FSD feature in beta via a press of a button.

Tesla Safety Score Beta System

According to Teslarati, along with the FSD button that requested the controversial Tesla feature, the EV giant went on to unveil the Safety Score (Beta) system, which seeks to record and evaluate how well-behaved drivers are.

The new safety scoring system of the EV titan seeks to both promote and incentivize good behavior while driving amid safety concerns.

The new Safety Scores metrics of Tesla are divided into five that go by the name "Safety Factors."

To be precise, the metrics are the Forced Autopilot Disengagement, Aggressive Turning, Unsafe Following, Hard Braking, and Forward Collision Warnings per 1,000 Miles.

What's more, Tesla follows a formula to give Safety Scores ranging from 0 to 100. The EV company subscribes to the Predicted Collision Frequency based on 6 million miles of fleet data that also looks into how many collisions happen in every 1 million miles.

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NTSB Safety Concerns

Along with the announcement of the FSD Beta button roll out on Sept. 24, the head of the NTSB, Jennifer Homendy, reiterated concerns about the beta feature of Tesla, via Wall Street Journal, noting that "basic safety issues have to be addressed."

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