Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is now developing new features that will arrive in the next few months. 

Some changes that would come to the platform are the new payment cashback feature, group icon designing tool, and the "last seen" update to name a few.

WhatsApp is Bringing Cashback Feature For App Payment

WhatsApp to Deliver Payment Cashback, New Group Chat Changes, 'Last Seen' Update, and MORE Soon
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Some interesting features such as the cashback feature and group icon editor are coming to WhatsApp in the next few weeks. Read more about them here.

WABetaInfo, a popular WhatsApp reporter, has recently spotted that the application will have a new set of features.

The source managed to take a screenshot of the feature that could benefit those who have in-app payments. In the screengrab, the cashback feature can allow the users to have a cash perk when paying for products.

According to the provided information by WABetaInfo, a person could likely receive up to $0.14 (Rs.10).

In the meantime, the final cashback benefit could still change ahead of the official launch of the feature.

From an article by NDTV written on Sunday, Sept. 26, the said cashback will only be available in India, specifically for the UPI Payments.

WhatsApp has not yet announced the mechanics of acquiring the cashback benefits and the particular users who will utilize them.

In connection to this, WABetaInfo stated that after 48 hours when the payment was made, the user will finally get the cashback.

It will be accessible in the beta version of WhatsApp Android.

WhatsApp Group Icon Design, 'Last Seen,' and Selective Message Reporting 

Besides the exclusive cashback feature, WhatsApp is also reportedly delivering a group icon editing tool. Through this feature, the group members can now edit the icon of their group.

Improvements such as background change and color might come with this feature. At the time, we are still not sure if WhatsApp will add emojis and stickers in this icon editor.

For the privacy feature, Whatsapp is preparing to release a "last seen" update. This feature will let the user share his/her "last seen" status with a specific person/s.

Additionally, this upcoming update will be available for Android and iOS users. Moreover, WhatsApp will also introduce selective message reporting for those who want to report individual chats on the platform.

WABetaInfo said that this feature will come in iOs beta and, according to News18.

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WhatSApp Transparency Issues 

Following several privacy issues surrounding WhatsApp earlier this month, the Facebook-owned application was fined $267 million for its failure to be transparent in data sharing with its main company.

The Data Privacy Commissioner of Ireland has discovered that the app has been that way with Facebook. This action also serves as an indication that WhatsApp's transparency should be applicable to the users and non-users of its services.

The app will be given three months to revise its transparency rules.

In another report following the incident, ProPublica confirmed that the moderators behind WhatsApp can read user's messages. On the other hand, this was not synonymous with what Facebook mentioned before.

Amid data privacy concerns, the messaging app has implemented a feature that could hide people's conversations. However, the parent firm still allows ad-tracking across its service.

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