Cheaper AMD and Nvidia GPUs are not yet available. There are no enough supplies to meet the rising demand of the companies' consumers. One of the main reasons behind these popular graphic card brands' increased prices is the hoarding of crypto miners. 

Cheaper AMD, Nvidia GPUs To Arrive, Thanks To China Crypto Ban—Massive Chip Shortage To Be Resolved?
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A participant sits at a computer monitor to play a video game at the 2019 DreamHack video gaming festival on February 15, 2019 in Leipzig, Germany. The three-day event brings together gaming enthusiasts mainly from German-speaking countries for events including eSports tournaments, cosplay contests and a LAN party with 1,500 participants.

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Blockchain experts explained that if people want to have more cryptocurrencies, they need to have lots of GPUs to generate enough power, allowing them to mine more digital coins. 

As of the moment, it is still hard to conclude when these miners would stop hoarding GPUs from Nvidia, AMD, and other big brands. However, these hoarders could soon be reduced as China, one of the largest countries which blockchain transactions are happening, decided to ban cryptocurrencies. 

Cheaper AMD, Nvidia GPUs To Arrive

According to GameRant's latest report, The People's Bank of China and the Chinese government announced that crypto mining exchanges are already illegal in the country.


Cheaper AMD, Nvidia GPUs To Arrive, Thanks To China Crypto Ban—Massive Chip Shortage To Be Resolved?
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LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 13: Gamers compete in PC gaming at the 'Nvidia' booth during the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

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Various tech experts and enthusiasts explained that as the crypto miners in China slowly disappear, the GPU shortage would also be solved. 

This means that fewer people would be using bots to hoard graphics cards for digital currency mining. Once that happens, regular consumers could now have better chances of having their own Nvidia or AMD GPU model once that happens.

On the other hand, if the supplies become sufficient for the consumer demand, prices would also decrease since less consumer competition would happen. 

Aside from lower prices, some critics also claimed that GPU oversupply might also happen in the near future. However, you still need to remember that these details are still speculations right now.  

Other Countries Were Crypto is Banned

China is not the only nation that decided to ban cryptocurrency transactions. Gadgets 360 reported that there are also other countries that don't want to be involved in the rising blockchain market. 

They are restricting blockchain transactions since government officials claimed that cryptocurrencies could lead to money laundering and other malicious campaigns. Here are some nations that are currently banning the use of cryptos: 

  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Bangladesh
  • Russia

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