Android 12 is nearing its final touches for its upcoming update.

However, there was a recent leak about Google's revision that would point out the 12.1 build. 

The rumors apparently highlighted that this leaked build was linked to the foldable phones. From the looks of it, we could soon see the arrival of this software.

Google Android 12.1 Rumor: What Does it Say?

Google Android 12.1 Leak: A Foldable Phone Might Arrive This Year Together With an Upcoming Software Update
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The latest leak about Google's Android 12.1 build reveals the possibility of foldable phone's arrival. Click here for more information.

According to the screenshots shared on XDA about the Android 12.1 build, there was an indication that the foldable phones would adopt an improved set of features, such as cleaner UI, huge screen, and navigation tool, including the bottom taskbar.

The most conspicuous sign that the foldable phones are likely coming soon is the big-screen display. Aside from the foldable phone, it could also make its way to the Google tablets.

What we saw from XDA resembled an old Android 4.0 build. The user interface has been released in the old tablet over the past decade. 

The previous versions of Google's OS have revolved around the lack of support for gadgets with huge screens. In addition, the functionalities of the Google tablets only look like oversized mobile devices, according to Android Police.

Assuming that the Android 12.1 internal build is legit, we might expect that the Google Pixel Fold could follow its release. In short, the tech giant is likely on the verge of unveiling Android 12's point release.

Most importantly, even though the big screens signal the potential arrival of 12.1, Google has not yet concluded if this is true or not. 

Since this is a leak, the best thing that we could do is to wait for the possible launch of the Android 12 update in October. The foldable phone could follow after the software release.

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What's Inside the Android 12.1 Build?

According to the media outlet, besides the big screen, the Android 12.1's lock screen is composed of the date information and clock on the left side. The right side, meanwhile, has notifications.

Currently, the leaked image showed that the icon still lacks color, but Google could further improve it before its official release.

We believe that the developer is still working to tweak more changes for the UI.

It's also worth noting that the lock screen password entry is located in a different place suitable for one-hand unlocking. The users have the freedom to move it by clicking the other half of the screen.

On top of these leaks, Google seems to be prepared this time. The foldable phone could feature split-screen capabilities for multitasking. The users will experience a unique transition with its taskbar.

Google Pixel Foldable Phone to Use Samsung's Ultra-thin Display

Last July, we spotted a report about Google's plan to launch the Pixel Phone that will use Samsung's Ultra-thin glass layer. At the time of writing, the foldable device was believed to be released by the end of 2021.

Before, the company was not into phone-making. It was in 2019 when a Google patent suggested that it was now in the process of creating a foldable phone.

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