Amazon released its newest video doorbell that would keep your family safe at home all day. 

In the latest press release of the company, the Blink Video Doorbell showcases amazing features for those who are looking forward to improving their home security and privacy.

At the moment, you can now place your pre-orders so you won't miss the latest smart home gadget.

Amazon Blink Video Doorbell Features and Pre-order

Amazon's Blink Video Doorbell Offers Cheap But Guaranteed Surveillance For Your Home: Features and Pre-order Details
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Amazon recently announced its latest video doorbell that has two-way audio and HD video recording. Read more about its features and how you can pre-order as early as today.

According to a report by Rolling Stone on Tuesday, Sept. 28, Amazon's latest smart doorbell has a lot of features that are also present in other expensive video doorbells.

For just $50, the Blink Video Doorbell will provide the viewer with a night vision mode.

You can also keep track of the records around your house through its Full HD (1080p) recording.

So far, you might want to compare it to the Ring Video Doorbell Wired when it comes to their specs. However, the newest video doorbell is more impressive since it comes with a wireless approach.

Using AA batteries, you can possibly use them for up to two years.

The endless security is achievable with Amazon's Blink Video Doorbell. In addition, you can also choose to connect this smart home accessory to your old doorbell's cables.

If you want to achieve a long-lasting battery life, you might want to stick with its Sync Module 2, which is highly recommended.

The video recording feature of Blink Video Doorbell is activated by default. This means that once a motion is detected, the feature would be immediately enabled.

For the viewing of surveillance clips, you can use your USB flash drive so that you can connect it to the Sync Module 2. The hard drive will serve as a storage of the captured videos.

Amazon's revelation of its Blink Video Doorbell is a big surprise for those who are boosting their home security. Getting this doorbell is definitely worth it since its price is consumer-friendly to everyone.

At below $100, this Amazon video doorbell will make sure that you are always safeguarded in your abode. Most importantly, you can click this link to check the availability of the product.

The shipping for the Blink Video Doorbell will roll out on Oct.21.

Things to Consider When Buying a Smart Video Doorbell

From Which's report earlier this month, the most preferred types of doorbell came from well-known brands. Also, in buying a smart home product like this, it's better to first weigh its pros and cons.

For its pros, look for the convenience, security, smart home capability, and ability to receive important notifications remotely.

On the other hand, you can consider the cons of a video doorbell, such as its size, price, ease of installation, and even subscription costs.

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